Why does Back Market charge a Quality Assurance Fee on my order?

Our goal is to create the highest standard of quality for everything we sell ​by monitoring, training, and supporting only the very best sellers and refurbishers in renewed tech

Back Market Quality Service

Why does Back Market charge a Quality Assurance Fee on my order?

While we consider ourselves a humble bunch here at Back Market, we couldn’t be prouder of the lengths we go to to bring you only the finest renewed tech. The Quality Assurance Fee charged with every order is what allows us to operate with the highest possible quality standards.

For starters, we carefully select each and every seller you see on our site — and we pride ourselves on our pickiness. On average 1 in 3 sellers who apply to work with us are not accepted. 

The cream of the crop that we do choose are constantly monitored in real-time, trained, and supported by our in-house quality team — 130 tech experts and customer care heroes dedicated to ensuring you get top-quality electronics and a seamless shopping experience. 

Just one example is the 150 monthly secret shops we do, and the subsequent dissection of devices we buy from our own sellers. We do this work in our Innovation Lab, where we check that the handiwork of our sellers is of the utmost precision and quality, and share best practices.

But all of this quality-assuring doesn’t come cheap. That’s why we charge a small fee with each order (not each item), to support these efforts. The fee differs depending on what you buy. The more expensive the item, the higher the fee. To give you an idea, the most expensive item on our site currently comes with a Quality Assurance Fee of 3.99.  While that’s barely enough to buy you a fancy coffee, it is enough to support the intensive work of our quality team and:


  • Friendly customer care ready to help you with any concern
  • Our BuyBack program, which allows you to sell or trade in your old devices
  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Environmental projects such as the elite Ecovadis label for our greenest sellers, the introduction of a carbon footprint ratio per item (starting October 2021), sustainable packaging, and more to come!

Does all of this make us the best of the best in renewed tech? Well, some people might say that. Check out our more than 42,000 verified customer reviews and see for yourself!

Got ideas to make us even better? Drop us a line anytime: qualitybmfee@backmarket.com


Andre from Back Market
By Andre Kopacki, Content Manager

The kind of guy that likes technology a little too much and can't stop talking about it. Good thing I work at Back Market :D

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