Impact Champions: EcoVadis certification

Back Market works with EcoVadis to objectively assess the social, ethical, and environmental performance of its partner refurbishers.

Impact Champions EcoVadis

EcoVadis: The global benchmark for environmental and social assessment of companies

EcoVadis is a reference organization specialized in rating the sustainability of companies. With a worldwide presence, the agency specializes in value chain assessment. Ecovadis has assessed more than 75,000 companies since its creation in 2007 and has worked with clients such as Nokia, Verizon, Orange, and Michelin. The EcoVadis assessment process covers the different aspects of a company's sustainable development approach and policies: environment, social & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. After each assessment, EcoVadis builds a scorecard for companies with strengths and areas for improvement that will help them improve their CSR performance.

A demanding and rigorous analysis

The EcoVadis methodology consists of 3 steps: questionnaire, analysis, results. It is based on international sustainability standards, notably the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact, and the ISO 26000 standard, covering more than 160 countries. Companies can be assessed by EcoVadis on their own initiative, or at the request of one of their clients. Companies wishing to obtain EcoVadis certification receive a questionnaire adapted to their sector of activity, country, and size. They then have 6 weeks to answer the questionnaire and provide all the documents that will support their answers (gender equality policy, ISO 14001 certificate, among many other things). EcoVadis then analyses the questionnaires and consults various sources and stakeholders to ensure the reliability of the rating. Finally, EcoVadis assigns a score to the company according to its sustainable performance, its degree of maturity on CSR issues, and its ambitions in this area. The result is accompanied by an evaluation sheet and an action plan that will allow the evaluated company to improve its performance and its approach.

Four levels of labelling

For better readability, EcoVadis has set up a system of medals rewarding companies for their sustainable performance according to their final score:

  • Platinum (overall score between 73 and 100): the company is in the top 1% of its sector
  • Gold (overall score between 66 and 72): the company is in the top 5% of its sector
  • Silver (overall score between 54 and 65): the company is in the top 25% of its sector
  • Bronze (overall score between 45 and 53): the company is in the top half of the best-performing companies in its sector.

Frequently asked questions

Does a merchant who does not have the "Impact Champion" badge necessarily have poor CSR practices?


No. A merchant who is not yet an Impact Champion does not necessarily have bad practices, they just have more work to do in terms of CSR and formalizing their sustainable practices. On the other hand, if the Ecovadis assessment of a merchant reveals problematic practices on social, environmental, or ethical issues, that merchant will be immediately removed from the platform.


How do I find all of Back Market's Impact Champions?


The status of Impact Champions is indicated on all product pages, through the badge published on the refurbisher's identity sheet. You can also find all our Impact Champions in the dedicated shop.


Do Impact Champions offer better quality products?


All of Back Market's refurbishers are thoroughly vetted and have to prove themselves in a long quality control process. The Impact Champion status does not affect the refurbisher's quality scores: it only recognizes merchants who have a proactive and virtuous approach, giving them even more visibility on the site.

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