Impact Champions: Companies from the Social and Solidarity Economy

Back Market works with social and solidarity-based companies, recognized for their positive impact on society and for their key role in the integration of people with disabilities or in precarious situations.

Impact Champions

Who are the SSE companies?

At Back Market, many of our refurbishers are member companies and organizations of the Social Solidarity Economy. This means that they are companies based on the principle of solidarity and social utility, which apply democratic and participatory management of their activities while respecting a specific framework for the use of their profits.

They are characterized by

- the search for social utility

-not-for-profit status

-shared governance


These companies give priority to hiring people who are reintegrated into society, in very precarious situations, or with disabilities.

What is the social utility enterprise approval?

The merchants from the Social and Solidarity Economy found on Back Market most often have the ESUS label and/or the ESAT label. These are approvals granted by the State. To obtain the ESUS label, a company must

- set an objective of general interest or social utility

- reinvest most of its profits in the company

- set up a democratic governance system involving its stakeholders

The ESAT label designates companies that are "Establishments or Services for Help through Work". These are structures that offer a protected work environment, reserved for people with disabilities to promote their social and professional integration.

Frequently asked questions

Does a merchant who does not have the "Impact Champion" badge necessarily have bad CSR practices?

No. A merchant who is not yet an "Impact Champion" does not necessarily have bad practices, they just still have some progress to make in terms of their CSR approach and the formalization of their sustainable practices. On the other hand, if the Ecovadis assessment of a merchant reveals problematic practices on social, environmental, or ethical issues, that merchant will be immediately removed from the platform.

How do I find all of Back Market's Impact Champions?

The status of Impact Champions is indicated on all product pages, through the badge published on the refurbisher's identity sheet. You can also find all our Impact Champions on the dedicated shop.

Do Impact Champions offer better quality products?

All of Back Market's refurbishers are thoroughly vetted and have to prove themselves in a long quality control process. The Impact Champion status does not affect the refurbisher's quality scores: it only recognizes merchants who have a proactive and virtuous approach, giving them even more visibility on the site.

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