iPhone XR: Our favorite Black Friday iPhone deal

Excellent battery life at a price that doesn't seem real

Unlocked iPhone XR Black Friday

Are these deals for real?

Wow, are my eyes lying to me? I’m seeing Black Friday iPhone XR deals for around $300, but how is that even possible?

How are we making these Black Friday iPhone XR deals so fresh?

It’s because all these Black Friday iPhone XR deals are refurbished. The way it works is that we take used iPhones, give them to professionals to inspect not just physically but also with fancy scanner tools (kinda how your mechanic checks your car). Many times we’ll discover—thanks to this scan—that the battery needs to be replaced. So we replace the battery. And just like that, the iPhone will work like new. Many people complain that their old iPhone is no longer working as great as it once was. Did you know that the battery is the culprit in most of these cases? Yes, if your old iPhone is starting to give you issues with speed, first check if it isn’t the battery that’s causing it.

What makes the Black Friday iPhone XR such an awesome deal?

Since the iPhone XR comes with the A12 Bionic chip from 2018, this thing is still a great performer. And even though you can also get a great deal on a used model, be aware that Apple batteries typically last about 2 years before considerably losing longevity, and if you buy a used iPhone XR that isn’t refurbished it may still come with an old battery that renders it useless :( Refurbished is the right sweet spot for buying an iPhone XR this Black Friday. “New” is overpriced. “Used” isn’t trustworthy enough. But “refurbished” is just the right middle ground, giving you a deal that doesn’t sacrifice quality or affordability.

You don't need to buy this phone on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Since we're trying to do our part in protecting the planet, we're not going to encourage you to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. These two shopping holidays are the culprit to many unnecessary purchases and overconsumption.

But if you do choose to shop on either of these days, please don't hesitate to check out our listings for Black Friday electronics and Cyber Monday tech. But just keep in mind: Our merchants are doing their best to give you great sales every day of the year, so there really is no rush :)

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