Buying a Refurbished Unlocked iPhone 7?

Find out if the unlocked iPhone 7 is the right for you

unlocked iPhone 7

The Best Unlocked iPhone in terms of Value

Want an unlocked phone for travelling but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Then I think the unlocked iPhone 7 is the perfect phone for you.

The iPhone 7 isn’t the newest phone anymore, as you may already know, but I guarantee you that it will still feel fast and sleek. Thanks to Apple’s consistent updates, even older iPhones are guaranteed to hold up well over time. And you can find this refurbished iPhone unlocked on Back Market for less than $150, which is honestly a steal for a phone that still looks and feels this good.

Whether you just want to use it for travel or as a daily device, the unlocked iPhone 7 is up to the task.

What Exactly is an Unlocked Phone?

As you may already know, unlocked iPhones are made to work on multiple carriers. If you get a phone directly from your carrier, chances are that it won’t be able to work on other networks. So if you’re thinking about switching service providers or often find yourself travelling to other countries where you need to buy additional SIM cards, owning an unlocked phone is going to be essential. 

If you already have a new iPhone with your primary service carrier, it doesn’t make sense to get rid of it just for the short amount of time that you will be travelling. Therefore, we suggest buying a cheaper unlocked iPhone like this and having it as a backup for whenever you need to travel.

Just some of our unlocked iPhone 7 inventory!

The Perfect Refurbished iPhone for Travelling

This is the perfect refurbished iPhone for those situations not just because of the price, but also because of the size and durability of this specific model. Unlike today’s newest iPhones which are more fragile, this has a metal back which won’t break if you drop the phone. Every iPhone that came after this one came with a glass back—mostly to accommodate wireless charging—but durability was definitely sacrificed. And if you’re travelling, chances are you’re going to need that durability more than ever. You’re going to be constantly pulling your phone out to check the map, using apps like Uber and Lime to get around, and checking reviews for the best spots for local cuisine—because who doesn’t love eating out all the time when they’re in a foreign country? Durability is the last thing that should be sacrificed when your phone is essentially your lifeline in a foreign place. There are so many chances to drop your phone when you’re abroad, and the unlocked iPhone 7 has a much higher chance of surviving any accidental drops thanks to its metal body.

And if you want to be a real travel pro, you can also consider getting the unlocked iPhone 7 Plus which offers all the benefits of the iPhone 7, but with a slightly bigger screen. It’s great for heavy users who are constantly using a ton of apps and are willing to trade that extra space in their pockets for a bigger display. The plus version also comes with a second camera which lets users zoom in a little closer for their photos.

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