How Long do Refurbished iPhones Last?

Find out which refurbished iPhones last!

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Why do Used iPhones Pick Up a Bad Rep?

Hiss! Pop! Buzz! All sounds that used iPhones (with corrupt batteries) bought from unreliable third parties can make. That’s why at Back Market, we have an amazing quality team that manages all our merchants and ensures you’re getting a refurbished iPhone that’s in good condition, inside and out!

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So How Long do Refurbished iPhones Actually Last?

So, let me correct the question: How long does a refurbished iPhone that ISN’T purchased from Back Market last? Hard to tell. You really have no way of telling. The battery can be worn out (there’s only a certain amount of charges a battery can take before permanently losing its charge). This is why Back Market’s sellers check to ensure batteries are either replaced or still in great condition before being sent out to you! We do our best to ensure you enjoy your new refurbished iPhone :) 

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But to get back to the question, a used iPhone from a regular retailer can last you literally no time at all. With Back Market, though, you’re getting a phone that has been quality-checked and a 12-month warranty.

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How Long Should a Used iPhone from Back Market Last?

It really depends how old the iPhone is. If it’s less than 4 years old, I would expect to get another 2-3 years out of it before noticing a drop in speed. iPhones generally become noticeably slower after aging about 6 years. Maybe 5. Really depends what kind of apps you run on the device.

Pro tip: if you're not a gamer, chances are any refurbished iPhone you find on our website will be plenty snappy for you! P.S. check out our gaming laptops!

So to Wrap it Up…

The used iPhones sold on Back Market are made to last. Do not buy a used iPhone from an independent seller that doesn’t provide a 12-month warranty and a certified refurbishing process! Good luck in your search :D We hope you find an iPhone that you love and fits your needs!

Ahoy! Land spotted! That's what the pirates and explorers would say in the 17th century... I think? Anyways, if you see yourself changing places often, think about getting an unlocked phone! These are made to work with multiple service carriers!

By Andre Kopacki, Content Manager

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