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Is the iPhone X still a Good Phone?

I don’t mean to offend any Apple fans by saying this, but Apple hasn’t really innovated a whole lot with the iPhone since the release of the iPhone X in 2017. Look at the newest iPhone (which at the time of writing this is the iPhone 11 Pro), and try to tell me that it doesn’t look exactly the same as the iPhone X. Sure, it has a processor that’s a little faster, but the difference really isn’t noticeable.

Why the Unlocked iPhone X is the Way to Go

If you want to buy a new iPhone 11 Pro, you’re going to be spending over $1000 if you’re buying one unlocked directly from Apple. You can spend less if you buy directly from your carrier when they’re running a good deal, but then you’ll get a model that isn’t unlocked and can’t work with other networks. And if you’re an avid traveler that often experiences the feeling of wanderlust, then you definitely need an unlocked iPhone. This is why the unlocked iPhone X is the perfect choice for you. It feels like a new iPhone, looks like a new iPhone, but doesn’t cost as much as a new iPhone. All our unlocked iPhones are certified refurbished, which means they’ve been checked at a factory for any possible issues and fixed if necessary.

If you really need a good unlocked iPhone for travelling, I would also suggest an unlocked iPhone XR due to its extended battery life (it can easily last you for two days if you’re a light user) but it is important to note that the iPhone X has a much nicer screen with deeper colors thanks to OLED screen technology. So, it’s all about what’s more important to you. If you need an unlocked iPhone with a better screen, then go for the X. If you need one that will last you as long as possible on a charge, then the XR is the right choice for you. But both are honestly great choices if you need an unlocked iPhone.

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Why Refurbished iPhones are always a Better Choice

This habit of always buying the newest iPhone just to stay “on-trend” is super toxic for the environment. It generates more waste, and it’s expensive. We created Back Market to help decrease humanity’s footprint on the environment and foster a culture of reuse. We believe that people should spend less on new tech and more on the things that really matter. This is why we believe that refurbished iPhones are the future :)

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