Why Buy an Unlocked iPhone XR

Find out why the Unlocked iPhone XR is totally awesome :D

Unlocked iPhone XR

Is the Unlocked iPhone XR still Hot?

The unlocked iPhone XR isn’t the newest iPhone anymore, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still hot. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the best iPhones to buy unlocked right now; keep reading to find out why.

When the iPhone XR was released in October 2018, it was an answer to the pleas of many Apple users that wanted a (relatively) affordable iPhone with a notched display and modern feel. And coming to the market at $749, it was much cheaper than the XS and XS Max whose pricing started at $999 and $1099.

P.S. - It almost brings tears to my eyes to see an iPhone costing $1099 :'( Why Apple, why?

Strengths of the Unlocked iPhone XR

So the iPhone XR was the answer to everyone’s prayers back in 2018, but what’s the big deal about this (relatively) cheap iPhone? Why is it a good idea to get an unlocked version of this phone now?

First off, this phone is perfect for travelers because of its incredible battery life. Surprisingly, it beats the iPhone X, XS, and even the 11 Pro thanks to its thicker build and larger battery. It can get a ludicrous 25 hours of talk time, which means that the battery can easily last you a few days with minimal use. So if you’re taking some super adventurous trips abroad and can’t predict when you’ll be able to find an outlet to stock up on juice, you may have just found the perfect unlocked iPhone for you. Do you often feel wanderlust? Do you live to tame the unknown? Are you a modern-day trailblazer or pioneer? Then the Unlocked iPhone XR is for you.

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Trips are Better with Unlocked iPhones :D

And since we’re talking about unlocked iPhones, remember to get one that’s unlocked for all carriers so that it can work on just about any network in the US, Europe, Asia, or wherever else you choose to travel. With an unlocked iPhone XR, you’ll have a phone that is able to keep a charge longer than just about any other smartphone in addition to being able to work on just about any carrier in the world. Now that sounds like the perfect combo for a nice journey to paradise :) 

And this phone is well suited for paradise: the blue and coral colors of the iPhone XR have really warm tones, check them out for yourself! Seeing those colors is enough to remind me of summer, beaches, and trips to faraway places :D

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