What are Unlocked GSM Phones?

Should you buy a GSM unlocked phone?

GSM unlocked iPhone

What is an Unlocked GSM Phone?

If you’re not a huge tech geek, you probably won’t know that all carriers in the United States use one of two different technologies for transmitting their signal: GSM or CDMA. T-Mobile and AT&T use GSM while Verizon and Sprint use CDMA. If you were doing some online shopping and found a deal on an unlocked GSM phone, chances are this phone will only properly work on the listed GSM Networks like T-Mobile and AT&T. This may not be a problem for you, but if you ever intend to switch to Sprint or Verizon, keep in mind that you’ll probably need to buy a new phone.

Also, with the T-Mobile and Sprint merger going on right now, everything has become a little muddy, so if you are on the Sprint network, these rules may be changing sometime within the coming year(s).

How Do I Choose the Best Unlocked GSM Phone?

It really depends on what you want and need from your unlocked GSM cell phone. If you like to heavily customize your device and want the best value, the Android operating system will probably be more beneficial for you, while Apple will be better if you want a device that’s easy to use and has the best longevity when it comes to software updates.

Samsung makes some of the most premium Android devices, so if you want a device with awesome specs that also feels great, you can't go wrong with the unlocked S10.

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What is the Best Midrange Smartphone of 2020?

Many tech experts agree that the Pixel 3a is the best midrange smartphone of 2020 because of the value it offers at a low price point: it initially cost $399 new, and can now be found for even less refurbished ($250 at the time of writing this article, to be exact :D).

Is the Pixel 3a Worth it?

That depends if you really want an unlocked Android phone. Maybe an unlocked iPhone would be a better choice? iPhones are generally more user-friendly than Android devices, but the Pixel is a bit of an exception. It has perhaps the simplest user interface out of all Android phones, thanks to the fact that it was designed by Google from the ground-up and aims to offer a pure no-frills Google experience.

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