Dreaming of a Tablet for Cyber Monday? Best Tablet Deals Cyber Monday 2022

If you want the best deal on a Cyber Monday iPad, buy refurbished

What's the Best Tablet to Buy for Cyber Monday 2022?

The truth is that the best tablet is one that doesn’t cost you very much and is easy to use. Apple tablets are definitely easy to use, but they aren’t exactly cheap. Thanks to the refurbished market, you can finally get a cheap iPad this Cyber Monday.

Why are Refurbished iPads Becoming Popular Now?

When tablets were first introduced, they wouldn’t last very long. Tech was changing and improving at a much faster pace than it is now, and it didn’t make sense to buy a refurbished tablet from a few years ago. But now, things have calmed down and refurbished tech is becoming a smart choice for anybody that wants a good Cyber Monday tablet deal.

Which Cyber Monday Tablet Deal is Right for You?

There are people out there who are fans of Samsung tablets and Microsoft Surface hybrid laptops (which can serve as both a laptop and a tablet) but the obvious truth is that the iPad is hands-down the most popular and successful tablet currently on the market. This is thanks to the fact that it is generally considered as being easier to use than its Android counterparts, and also synchronizes well with the rest of the Apple ecosystem, so people that own and love other Apple gadgets instantly make up their minds on what tablet they want to buy.

So Many Different Cyber Monday iPads, But Where are the Sales!?

Apple tablets have been dominating the tablet market for as long as its existed, but the truth is that even if you are sure you want an Apple tablet, there are so many more choices now. You can choose between getting one that’s new, used, or refurbished; plus there are many more models to choose from. The iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad, iPad Air, and I’ve probably missed one? These are all great tablets, it’s true, and all of them would make for a great Cyber Monday tablet deal… if Apple actually offered significant discounts and price drops on Cyber Monday iPads :(

Unfortunately, since the big brains up at Apple know they will sell a ton of iPads on Cyber Monday regardless, they don’t have much incentive to lower their prices. We don’t really blame them for doing this, but we do want to give you the chance of getting a Cyber Monday iPad deal that’s much cheaper than you’d expect. Shop our Cyber Monday iPad deals if you want an iPad for a price you didn’t think was possible.

Why Refurbished iPads are Better

Even though our Cyber Monday iPads have been used, each product has been refurbished by professionals, which means you’re getting the same reliability that you would expect from a new Apple product while also getting a 1-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee—pretty amazing, right? We think so :D

Don't Feel Pressured to Buy an iPad this Cyber Monday

And for the record, we have awesome deals on iPads and other tablets all year that will beat any major retailer, so don't feel like you need to take advantage of these Cyber Monday iPad discounts now. But whether you choose to wait or buy now, you can trust that you'll be getting a great value regardless.