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Samsung S21 cases and accessories: how to protect and equip your Samsung S21?

Published Aug 18, 2023 - Are you looking for THE case for your Samsung S21 but don't know which one to choose? Silicone shells, tempered glass protective film or a complete case are just some of the possibilities for keeping your smartphone in good condition for longer. We advise you to opt for quality equipment that is both stylish and hard-wearing. A shell for Samsung S21 combined with tempered glass is enough to protect your entire mobile, but there's nothing to stop you buying a case. In addition to protection, you can accessorize your cell phone with useful equipment. Follow our guide to find out which Samsung S21 case is right for you ;)

Which case should you choose for your Samsung S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra?

It would be a shame not to enjoy the design of your smartphone, especially if you bought it in a pretty color like Phantom Gold. To appreciate the aesthetics of your phone, opt for a transparent case for Samsung S21. It provides all the protection your phone needs without compromising its original style.

A silicone case for Samsung S21 offers multiple advantages, such as flexibility, durability and high resistance. It has been specially designed to absorb repeated shocks. Easy to put on and take off thanks to its natural flexibility, its silicone material is pleasant to the touch and easy to care for. In addition to giving your smartphone a beautiful finish, it also gives it a more qualitative appearance. Last but not least, you can change your Samsung S21 shell whenever you like.

One of the best-known brands of premium smartphone protection is RhinoShield and its famous case for Samsung S21 SolidSuit. The brand stands out for its solid equipment and modern design. You can personalize your shell by adding text, for example. When it comes to cost, bear in mind that the price of a case for Samsung S21 is derisory compared with the price of the smartphone, so don't hesitate to invest in top-of-the-range protection. If you're on a tighter budget, head to Back Market to buy a Samsung S21 case for between 30% and 70% less than new :)

And if you're not sure about a Samsung S21 Plus or Samsung S21 Ultra, you'll easily find covers for these models too.

Samsung S21 cover or case: what's the difference?

Whether flexible or rigid, a case for Samsung S21 provides excellent protection for your mobile, especially on the back and corners. It's essential to protect your new device from bumps, scratches, dust and water. In addition, a case for Samsung S21 offers a better grip and added comfort when using your smartphone, especially the S21 Ultra version with its 6.8-inch screen.

If a case for Samsung S21 is a basic piece of equipment, remember also to protect your screen, even if the Samsung Galaxy S21 is made of Gorilla Glass 7. With such a high-quality AMOLED screen, don't venture to scratch it. That's why you need tempered glass. This ultra-resistant, thin and discreet protective film lets you enjoy your screen to the full without the risk of damaging it. Did you know that you can also add a protective film over your smartphone's photo sensors?

A cover for your Samsung S21 provides excellent protection. In fact, it covers both sides of your phone, allowing you to use it with ease. While the screen is protected by a flap or clamshell, you have easy access to the side buttons for putting your smartphone to sleep or adjusting the volume. Some models feature slots for cards and bills.

What are the most popular accessories for a Samsung S21? S21+ and S21 Ultra?

Now that you've bought your Samsung S21 shell, how about adding a few accessories to perfect it? Here's a selection of 7 pieces of equipment for a stylish smartphone in all circumstances:

  1. Galaxy Buds Pro are high-quality wireless headphones. The sound is immersive (they cut out ambient noise), the earphones are comfortable in the ear and they have a long battery life.

  2. If you've bought a Samsung S21 Ultra, you can use it with the Galaxy S-Pen. The S21 series is the first to support this minimalist stylus. A Pro version is also available.

  3. Are you prone to misplacing your house keys, bag, wallet or pet? Then equip yourself with the Galaxy SmartTag. This little device helps you find easily lost items using your smartphone.

  4. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the ideal companion for your Galaxy S21. It incorporates a number of interesting health-oriented features, as well as a stylish look. Among other functions, it can find your phone and detect falls.

  5. You've got your Samsung S21, wireless headphones and a connected watch? Consider the Wireless Charger Duo, which allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. With its 9W fast charge, you can charge both your smartphone and your watch or headphones.

  6. On our site, take a look at the wireless charger section, also available with a 9 W fast charge. Available in two colors, it lets you know when your mobile's battery is fully charged.

  7. If you're the adventurous type, take along a 25 W travel adapter for your Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra. You can use this equipment to charge all your USB PD 3.0-compatible devices. You'll find a wide range of Samsung S21 cases and accessories for your mobile at great prices on Back Market. In addition to great deals, you'll benefit from a 30-day cooling-off period and a one-year warranty!