A used coffee machine from Back Market

Are Used & Refurbished Appliances Worth it?

Can I trust used & refurbished appliances?

Looking for a Cheap Appliance?

Ughhh this Covid-19 thing needs to go away. Why can’t we find a cure or vaccine faster? I don’t really know (I’m not a medical researcher). But here’s what I do know: now is a great time to buy some refurbished appliances for the house to make sure you can be comfortable. Refurbished coffee makers? We got em. Refurbished vacuums? Check! Now prepare yourself for my rant about why used & refurbished products rock.

The Refurbished Rant

Typically, used appliances are kinda fishy: you don’t know if the previous owner treated them right and how long they’ll last once you buy them. It’s not just you having these kinds of thoughts, we feel the same way! This is why we created Back Market: to provide people with a better alternative to conventional used products. Our products are certified refurbished, which means they have been used, but also inspected at a factory afterwards. This way, you can rest assured you’re getting a product that’s in good shape and ready to serve its next owner :D

Used products are cool not just because they’re cheaper, but also because they cut down on electronic waste! You can see small reminders scattered around our website that remind users how much waste they’re saving buying used & refurbished products.

Why Get a Refurbished Vacuum Cleaner from Back Market

Ewww, dust is everywhere! And now with this virus, everybody is staying at home and making the house even more dirty! This sucks! How can I clean up this mess? With a refurbished vacuum cleaner (obviously). But let’s say that I’m feeling especially lazy today, then what? Then it sounds like I need one of those robot vacuums. We have a ton of boujee brands like iRobot Roomba, Ecovacs Deebot, Shark, and more. And for all you Dyson fans, stay tuned! We sell a lot of Dysons in Europe, but we’re still trying to get more of those listings here in the US :D