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Refurbished freestanding stoves

Refurbished freestanding stoves on Back Market: equip yourself for less and cook like a chef!

The kitchen is the focal point of many people’s homes, and for good reason. If you’d like to make your kitchen worthy of a chef, but don’t have a lot to spend, have you thought about buying a refurbished freestanding stove from Back Market?

Rediscover the pleasure of cooking with a low-cost refurbished freestanding stove

Do you enjoy spending time at the stove, but sometimes need a little extra space to really let your creativity shine? Treat yourself to a certified pre-owned freestanding stove and you’ll discover the joy of a large workspace. There are many different sized models to suit your space, with most cheap freestanding stoves fitted with five or six burners, and different heating methods including gas and induction. There are also refurbished freestanding stove models with extra large oven spaces, some even have three separate ovens plus a warming compartment – the possibilities are endless!

Advantages of a refurbished freestanding stove

Wondering why it’s better to buy a refurbished model rather than a second-hand freestanding stove? Here are the three main advantages of a refurbished freestanding stove:

  • Price: with discounts of up to 25%, you can save a significant amount of money.
  • Condition: unlike a second-hand freestanding stove, your Back Market product has been tested to ensure it will work perfectly.
  • Warranty: enjoy a 12-month minimum warranty period when you buy a freestanding stove from Back Market.

Enjoy cooking in a professional kitchen without spending too much, thanks to a refurbished freestanding stove.