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Get a great deal on a refurbished deep fryer from Back Market

Homemade fries taste amazing, but are they worth filling your house with the smell every time? Fortunately you don’t have to choose between tasty fries and a nice smelling home, you just need to buy a fryer with a heavy duty filter! Find the perfect cheap deep fryer today with Back Market.

A cheap refurbished fryer can do it all

With discounts exceeding 50%, a refurbished deep fryer lets you create fresh and crispy fries without dousing your house in the smell, for much less than if you bought from the store. We stock certified pre-owned deep fryers from all the big household appliance brands, including Severin, Russell Hobbs, Delonghi and Tefal, so there’s no need to take a chance on a second-hand deep fryer. Buy from Back Market with complete peace of mind, knowing your refurbished deep fryer has been thoroughly tested to ensure optimum performance and comes with a 12-month minimum guarantee.

How to choose your refurbished fryer

As you go through the steps to buy a deep fryer, you’ll need to refine your options from the available models, starting with the cooking capacity you need. Your cheap fryer, complete with filter, can also come with automatic timing options and some even have removable parts you can throw in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. There’s also the option to choose one of the latest oil-free refurbished deep fryers in addition to the classic models – perfect for those looking to create healthier fries!

Thanks to a refurbished deep fryer, you can reconnect with the pleasure of homemade fries without reconnecting with the lingering smells!