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Galaxy Note 9 Sprint 128 GB - Midnight Black

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Galaxy Note 9 Sprint's customer reviews

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Beth R.


3 months ago

This review is 100% unbiased and legit!! I am in love with this company! They kept popping up in my Google searches and at first I ignored it because I wasn't familiar with the and there are a lot of scammers out there. After a bad experience with an eBay seller I looked up some reviews on BackMarket and it seemed like they were worth a shot. My customer experience has been stellar from the get-go. I got the free standard shipping and my device arrived in 3 business days. During that time I received no less than SIX ommunications from Back Market, confirmations, update, etc (not marketing emails). My "good" condition phone arrived today and I would have to describe the condition as excellent. I am so happy to have a trustworthy source for good refurbished phones and I will be recommending you guys to friends and family.


Sean M.


3 weeks ago

My refurbished Galaxy Note 9 was in perfe3ct cosmetic shape and arrived earlier than promised. I have been using it for a week now and it is great.


Ed H.


2 months ago

I received my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cell phone and it was received in Excellent condition as stated in the sales transaction. I am very please of the condition. Time will tell on the overall performance of the cell phone that there are no issues. I would purchase again from Back Market over the Gaz... competition.


Jodee P.


5 months ago

Got this phone for my daughter as a bday gift. I was able to get service on it gsm unlocked . the right side of the screen wasnt working 100 % but after adjust the sensitivity it works okay now. Other then that no issues the phone was in excellent condition even though i ordered it in fair. She is happy with it. Planning on ordering more . im extremely happy with this seller .


Anil K.


4 months ago

Product is good. I bought this to trade it in to buy a new iPhone 13 with Verizon. Traded it in to Verizon and I got a full $800 credit for Trade-in for iPhone 13. That says the quality and condition of the Note 9 phone I received. Will be glad to do business with this vendor.


Cynthia K.


4 months ago

I took a chance and purchased a Samsung Note 9. I couldn't get a IMEI number, so I purchased an unlocked phone. The phone came when expected. It was in extremely good condition. No scratches, cracks, marks,... nothing (very clean). I'm getting used to the phone. Everything works really well. I would definitely order from Back Market again. Love the year warranty.


April B.


1 month ago

Its like my note 9 came straight out of the box! I didn't find a single blemish on it! I love it so much! My favorite part is the stylus. I don't have to take a bunch of art stuff with me to occupy myself! Plus, the phone tells you when you've left the stylus behind! Otherwise I would've lost it the first day!
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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Galaxy Note 9 Sprint

Galaxy Note 9 128GB - Midnight Black - Sprint

Our partners are electronics experts who test and verify that each product is 100% functional before it leaves the factory. This is the reason you benefit from a minimum 1-Year warranty with the purchase of a refurbished device at Back Market.

Galaxy Note 9 - 128 GB - Midnight Black

  • Color : Midnight Black
  • Is the phone Unlocked or tied to a carrier? : Sprint
  • Screen size (inches) : 6.4
  • Storage : 128 GB
  • Model : Galaxy Note 9
  • Network : CDMA
  • Memory : 6 GB
  • eSIM : No
  • OS : Android
  • Foldable : No
  • Connector : USB-C + Jack 3.5mm
  • Release Date : August 2018
  • Double SIM : No
  • Manufacturer Ref. : SM-N960
  • Verizon compatible : No
  • AT&T compatible : No
  • T-Mobile compatible : No
  • Sprint Compatible : No
  • Release Year : 2018
  • Memory Card Slot : Yes
  • Brand : Samsung
  • Weight : 7 oz

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