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Galaxy S9+'s customer reviews


82 verified reviews in the last 6 months.


Michael F.


Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2023

My refurbished phone appeared brand new upon arrival! And, it functions fawaelessly, plus with all the updates already uploaded. So great to have Back Market provide consumers duarable refurbished phones for folks who want quality phones in such a wide assortment from the newest versions, to a quality older versions. If you want all the latest, or older ones they have it all, at prices to meet any budget!🙂

Purchased on January 3, 2023


Jeremy F.


Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2023

"Old" electronics still have plenty of life in them! Don't fill our landfills, and waste money on the latest model! The screen is great, the camera is fantastic, and it runs smoother than anything I could have purchased from recent years at this same price.

Purchased on January 5, 2023


Carolyn B.


Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2023

I absolutely loved this phone. I bought it for my 60th birthday. Unfortunately 2 days later an acquaintance was checking it out and dropped it shattering the back side. I was upset but figured since the screen didn't shatter it'd still work but it didn't. It would no longer hold a charge so it's useless now. But I loved it when I got it.

Purchased on February 15, 2023


Michelle N.


Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2023

Order took a little longer than expected, but the phone came in pristine condition (ordered a "top rack" one), and I have zero complaints so far! My network is working perfectly and everything seems to be in perfect working order. After a hiccup with having to send back a different phone with speaker issues, I'm glad I gave Back Market another shot. Paying a bit extra for quality is worth it!

Purchased on March 8, 2023


Stephan J.


Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2023

This is the fourth product that I have bought on Back Market, and I must say they surprise me each and every time. Not only is the condition perfect, but all the accessories come with it and several times I have even received the appropriate box! There is no need to fear... BACK MARKET is here!

Purchased on February 25, 2023


Mike B.


Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2023

I ordered a very good condition Galaxy S9+ for my Wife and it arrived exactly as described and it functions 100%. I will buy again from Backmarket.

Purchased on March 1, 2023


Seabrina S.


Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2023

great quality product, shipping was very fast the only thing that would've made it better was if it had come with headphones

Purchased on January 17, 2023

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Reborn vs. brand new
Here’s what you help prevent on average by choosing a reborn smartphone over a brand new one.

171.1 lbs of CO2e

That's like driving an SUV from NYC to Chicago.

6.3 oz of e-waste

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Galaxy S9+

Is the Sprint S9 64GB the best phone for you?

Since this mobile phone was introduced in early 2018, there are many newer and faster handsets that you can purchase, but only a few of them will be as inexpensive as the S9 64GB.

What are the specs and dimensions of a green Sprint Galaxy S9?

The Sprint S9 64GB measures 5.81 x 2.70 x 0.33 inches, and that means it will be relatively easy to carry this cell phone around in your pocket or bag. It has a 5.8" Super AMOLED screen with a 570ppi pixel density, which generally means that you'll be getting more dynamic colors than its Apple adversaries such as the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8.

Which version of Android is the Sprint S9 64B able to install?

The Sprint S9 64GB isn't the newest Samsung Galaxy phone any longer, for that reason, you just cannot expect it to be getting some of the newest Android versions. But Samsung has been certainly pretty good with maintaining its older more popular smartphones with security updates, so you should still have the ability to get a lot of reliable use from a Sprint S9 64GB.

Should you get a smartphone with even more RAM?

Sure that 4GB of RAM that you get in this green S9 64GB is much more than you'll actually need to have, but still just bear in mind that you may not be getting some of the newest Android updates that make more recent Samsung phones look and seem smoother. But still, the S9 is plenty good, and this continues to be a great Android phone to purchase if you're on a budget.

How good is the camera on the green S9 64GB?

The Sprint S9 will give you reasonably good front-facing and rear camera performance, except you will not get the same low-light performance as newer Samsung S-series models, and you're also only getting one focal length, while most recent Samsung mobile phones feature more lenses to give you extra focal lengths.

Does the green S9 64GB have fingerprint unlock?

Want a fast, convenient, and safe way of unlocking your handset? In that case you'll be delighted to know that the green S9 64GB has a fingerprint reader located on the backside of the phone that's no problem to reach with your forefinger when gripping the device with a single hand.

How many hours of battery life can you anticipate to get from a green S9 64GB?

You can anticipate to get approximately ten hours of browsing time on the Galaxy S10, which ought to be sufficient to last the typical smartphone user for the entire day without needing to have to recharge. And if you need to have even more battery life, you can enable Samsung's battery saving mode to stretch out the life of your battery.

Is the Samsung S9 worth buying in 2021?

Click on the link that's featured above if you're hungry for even more information about the Galaxy S9:)

Galaxy S9+ - 64 GB - Sunrise Gold - Unlocked

  • Screen size (inches) : 6.2
  • Color : Sunrise Gold
  • Carrier compatibility : Unlocked
  • Storage : 64 GB
  • Memory : 6 GB
  • Model : Galaxy S9+
  • Processor brand : Qualcomm
  • Processor Core : 8
  • Megapixels : 12
  • OS : Android
  • Network : GSM
  • Release Date : March 2018
  • Double SIM : No
  • Manufacturer Ref. : SM-G965U
  • Verizon compatible : No
  • AT&T compatible : Yes
  • T-Mobile compatible : Yes
  • Release Year : 2018
  • Memory Card Slot : Yes
  • eSIM : No
  • Resolution : 1440 x 2960
  • Foldable : No
  • Screen type : Super AMOLED
  • Connector : USB-C + Jack 3.5mm
  • 5G : No
  • Series : Galaxy S9
  • SAR head : 0.78
  • SAR body : 0.79
  • Dual SIM : Single-SIM
  • SIM format : Nano
  • Brand : Samsung
  • Weight : 7 oz
  • Height : 2.9 in
  • Width : 6.22 in
  • Depth : 0.33 in

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