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The iPhone 6s is stunning. Like the first time around.

Ever so
Just like
Up to 70%
FROM $156.00
Less 9.17 oz
of e-waste


The iPhone 6s is dead.
Long live the iPhone 6s.

The release of the new iPhone unofficially marks a countdown to the impending disappearance of the iPhone 6s.
We’re fighting this injustice and reminding humanity that the iPhone 6s is alive and kicking. Still formidable. Still desirable.
Here to stay.
Watch your back iPhone Xs.


Back the pioneer of the touch revolution.

The iPhone 6s brought the world 3D Touch technology. Preview your apps and access your shortcuts with a flick of a finger. Woosh.


As many pixels as the iPhone X.

The iPhone 6s was the first iPhone to pass the 12 megapixel mark. It’s the secret sauce to those perfect shots. Your insta deserves it.


Revolutionary unwireless technology.

The iPhone 6S is one of the last phones standing that work with a jack. Bluetooth haters rejoice. As do the folks that love Titanic. JAAACK!


Pay with your thumb.

A single thumbprint allows you to unlock your smartphone or pay for your Pringles. The beauty of Touch ID.

IOS 12

Compatible with the IOS of the day.

The iPhone 6s will run on iOS 12. Siri gets smarter, reality gets more augmented, and yay, filters for your photos... All new, and super calienteee.

The iPhone 6s isn’t backing down.

Adopt one that’s like new.
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Refurbished iPhone 6s

Refurbished iPhone 6s

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5 oz.

In buying a Refurbished iPhone 6s, you're helping prevent 5 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 0 Pringles. Yum-o.

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Backers ratings on our Refurbished iPhone 6s :

Cesar V. - 04/01/19

  • 6/7

The smartphone is in great condition... it didn’t come with earphones, Imacket sent me an 1633 (att, but unlocked) and not a 1688 like it says on the advertisement... other than that is great and they sent me a mirror screen protector, and like it says on the Silver condition it has some minor scratches... but definitely I will order more phone from this place

Ericka W. - 31/12/18

  • 7/7

Great quality! Amazing phone! I am so happy I purchased here for my daughter. The ONLY flaw is we paid for shipping and didn’t get it for 2 weeks

Charlotte O. - 28/12/18

  • 7/7

Product is exactly as described. Gold condition is perfect. Would definitely purchase more items through back market

chester c. - 24/12/18

  • 7/7

All was first class except a minor glitch, which was apple's doing. After set up and recharge, I used it to take photos. Phone crashed stating battery critically low. Later, when turned on again, it crashes again, demanding I take it to apple for new battery. I think this is crazy as it can't go from 71% to 11%!! I take it home to recharge and charger states it's 51%. I know this is software problem, and not battery. When system update installed, it shows 100%, and stays at upper 90% for 4 days. I once read that apple puts bugs in software causing older phone batteries to deteriate. People complain so they fix bugs with next update. If your battery isn't excellent, install latest update, and write Jim Clark a nasty letter

JULIE C. - 23/12/18

  • 6/7

Nice product, delivered as promised

Chelsea P. - 18/12/18

  • 5/7

Love the phone but they sent me a phone with a bad battery only charged up to 52 percent! Seller did say they would reimburse me the money but still a hassle

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