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The iPhone 6s is stunning. Like the first time around.

Ever so
Just like
Up to 70%
FROM $101.00
Less 9.17 oz
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The iPhone 6s is dead.
Long live the iPhone 6s.

The release of the new iPhone unofficially marks a countdown to the impending disappearance of the iPhone 6s.
We’re fighting this injustice and reminding humanity that the iPhone 6s is alive and kicking. Still formidable. Still desirable.
Here to stay.
Watch your back iPhone Xs.


Back the pioneer of the touch revolution.

The iPhone 6s brought the world 3D Touch technology. Preview your apps and access your shortcuts with a flick of a finger. Woosh.


As many pixels as the iPhone X.

The iPhone 6s was the first iPhone to pass the 12 megapixel mark. It’s the secret sauce to those perfect shots. Your insta deserves it.


Revolutionary unwireless technology.

The iPhone 6S is one of the last phones standing that work with a jack. Bluetooth haters rejoice. As do the folks that love Titanic. JAAACK!


Pay with your thumb.

A single thumbprint allows you to unlock your smartphone or pay for your Pringles. The beauty of Touch ID.

IOS 12

Compatible with the IOS of the day.

The iPhone 6s will run on iOS 12. Siri gets smarter, reality gets more augmented, and yay, filters for your photos... All new, and super calienteee.

The iPhone 6s isn’t backing down.

Adopt one that’s like new.
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Refurbished iPhone 6s

Refurbished iPhone 6s

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5 oz.

In buying a Refurbished iPhone 6s, you're helping prevent 5 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 71 Pringles. Yum-o.

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Backers ratings on our Refurbished iPhone 6s:

Magdy M. - 09/07/19



Lauren K. - 30/06/19


Blown away by the excellent service. Thank you so much for expediting the new phone. I was a wreck last week after my old phone was stolen. Your generosity and speedy response saved the day! The new 6s is spotless as described. So very appreciative.

jean-Michel J. - 30/06/19


Very good quality/price ratio. All perfect : quality, quick shipping. The only not perfect thing was that I received the iphone Fully discharged... not good for the battery life, The first time I fully charged it, it did last only a very few hours, but it's better now.

Tyler H. - 26/06/19


Iphone 6s, gold condition. The battery health was 100% when the phone arrived and still is after 3 weeks. I assume they replaced the battery. But, it does not seem to last as long as other new batteries or an original battery. My family's other iphone 6s and iphone seem to last longer by 10% at least. Otherwise, excellent condition, works well, unlocked phone connected with Verizon. No scratches either.

Nephi V. - 26/06/19


Phone looks brand new and works without any problems.

Salome F. - 25/06/19


Very very happy to have found BackMarket. Still a bit expensive, but the possibility of reducing waste by supporting the refurbishing economy is totally worth it. Customer service was excellent and fast. My feedback would be as follows: 1) I want to be able to send my old phone back in, with all of its old accessories if possible. This currently isn't supported by BackMarket or the refurbisher that made my phone, but is absolutely needed to close the loop. So was disappointed about that and strongly encouraging you to implement a take-back / recycling policy. 2) The reason why I want to buy a refurbished phone is because I am sick of creating waste by buying new stuff, and I am sick of plastic. My refurbished phone came with a brand new charger wrapped in plastic, and honestly I would much rather have gotten 2 used chargers (I am sure there are MILLIONS of them floating about), than feel like even my attempts at minimizing waste are defeated by the fact that I am still being given newly manufactured items. Totally unnecessary. I am even ready to pay for used chargers if that helps cutting on waste. Basically BackMarket is an amazing opportunity, and needs to deepen it's commitment to reducing waste by going ALL THE WAY, including zero-waste packaging and recycled accessories.

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