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iPhone 8 64GB - Space Gray - Unlocked

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Warranty: 12 months
Grade: Bronze
5 oz of e-waste saved

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The New iPhone 8 came to impress, the best about the model is its processor, a new six-core A11 Bionic chip similar to the processor found on the iPhone X and 8 Plus. And, thanks to a new image sensor, picture quality has been improved for low-light shots, as well as the like video recording. The device also adds an improved iPad-style TrueTone display, and the speakers are more powerful and enjoyable. All new iPhones includes wireless thanks to the crystal back.
The benefits of jumping to an iPhone 8 are dramatic specially for those jumping from the 6. Speed, screen, audio, and camera enhancements will feel significant and you'll get nice updates that you missed when you skipped iPhone 7, including waterproofing.
Apple does not have yet its own wireless charging base. The AirPower, a pillow that carries the new iPhone, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods with a new cargo cover, will arrive soon. In the meantime, Apple recommends the Belkin and Mophie chargers that will charge the iPhone faster when updated to allow 7.5-watt wireless charging through an update later this year.
The iPhone 8 Apple offers better front and rear camera thanks to new sensors and a new image signal processor. Low-light shots look more beautiful, and the shutter speed and focus seem a little faster. The device also makes 4K videos at 60cps and 1080p slow motion at 240cps and those video changes make a big difference for serious video work.
The iPhone 8 colors are offered in three shades: space grey, gold and silver. As with MacBook Air or iPads, Apple has once again maintained the design, although slightly changing its construction. It has returned to a glass back, which allows the wireless charging possible.
Apple says new iPhone glass is 50 percent more durable than last year's iPhone 7 glass, with improved impact and scratch resistance and steel frame reinforcements (and tougher aluminum).The iPhone 8's LCD screen has the same size and resolution as the iPhone 6.6S and 7:4.7 inches, 1.334x750 pixels. However, you now receive TrueTone, an ambient effect that adjusts the color warmth that the iPad Pro added last year. This effect makes the screen easier in the eyes for everyday reading.
Meanwhile, the loudspeakers got more definition and some bass. New processors make the Apple iPhone 8 a very fast device. The creators call its newest chips for the iPhone 'A11 Bionic'. It is a six-core processor, compared to last year's four-core processor. The company has improved the rest of the chips: an improved Apple GPU, a new W2 wireless chip designed to be more efficient for Wi-Fi, improved motion tracking chips, modem chip designed for advanced LTE wireless networks, and a camera with better sensors.
The greatest features of the iPhone 8 are the wireless charging, its fast performance, robust improvements to the quality of the camera, superior display and better speakers compared to the iPhone 7.