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Our very best Refurbished Apple MacBook:

MacBook Air Core i5 1.7 GHz 11.6' 128GB (Mid-2012)
-62% discount
Warranty: 6 months
Grade: Bronze
-28 oz of electronic waste

Review: Refurbished Apple MacBook

«Product was in better shape then I pictured. Thank you so much for the great service. My h...»

Ash M. - 7/7


Refurbisher: FireStar Electronics

Refurbished Apple MacBook

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Backers ratings on our Refurbished Apple MacBook :

Steve A. - 22/01/19

  • 6/7

I'm very happy with my mid-'09 Macbook. Great deal and remarkably responsive unit. Perfect screen. So good to have the 6-mo. warranty. SA

Tracy T. - 14/01/19

  • 7/7

My used 2012 Macbook Pro came on-time and in good working condition at a pretty accessible price. The packaging was really good/protective. After going through a few rounds of software updates to get it current with High Sierra, I was SUPER-happy to see that it came loaded with the full Microsoft 365 suite as well as a whole bunch of Adobe programs (more than I had on my old Mac). I know this wasn’t anything that was promised with the laptop, but it was a huge bonus and saved me a bunch of money. I’m letting it work for a while on its own before trying to transplant my old Samsung Evo SSD from a 2010 MPB into it. At 4MB RAM, It’s a little slower than the 16MBs I had bought for my old laptop, but I’ll try to swap those out too when I do the hard drive. Basically, I bought this computer to replace my previous one when its logic board crapped out, and so far, so good in terms of what was shipped to me as listed. I like this company! The nice vibe is appreciated!

shaun d. - 11/01/19

  • 6/7

good product

Rebecca D. - 11/01/19

  • 6/7

no one should have to pay for this quality, since we have the technology. we all need more knowledge and humility. to be able to consume healthier and happier. but beside all this, i love your company name. and your humor , and the items i received and the fast shipping. i can totally tell others you deliver and it is safe and good. i wish you the best, you have found and used opportunity, and i hope we all can and will.

Gary B. - 08/01/19

  • 7/7

The MacBook Pro 15" Core i7 2.6 GHz - SSD 1TB - RAM 16GB - QWERTY Grade: Gold is precisely the computer I was looking for. It is exactly as advertised and I am very happy with it. Thanks for offering such a nice piece of equipment at a reasonable price

Elizabeth S. - 08/01/19

  • 7/7

We really love the computer out notebook air couldn't finish update but was very pleased you had a good price for MacBook and is working it

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