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MacBook Air 11" (Early 2015) core i5 RAM 4GB - 128 GB SSD

-61% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Fair
30 oz of e-waste saved

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Apple Corner
Apple Inc, known as Apple Computer Inc. is a multinational American computer company. Apple has experienced all the facets of the evolution of the computing world, from a world without personal computers to a 21st-century society interconnected by fixed and mobile devices. Its main products since its creation include the Macintosh series, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple Watch.
iPhone is a line of high-end smartphones designed and marketed by Apple. They run the iOS mobile operating system, has a 12-megapixel camera and music player (equivalent to iPod), plus software for sending and receiving text and voice messages. The iPhone changed the way the world communicates. More than 1.2 billion phones are responsible for Apple's most glorious decade being tied to a mobile device, not a computer, or an operating system. iPhone is the most widespread mobile device on the market and Apple has been able to redesign and improve it gradually to create an ideal product.
The iPhone X is the best cell phone Apple has ever made, it stands out with the Face ID and its attractive design with glass and steel. The latest version of the iPhone has the easiest operating system to date and continues to capture the attention of millions. Its many amazing features include The new OLED display, which covers almost the entire screen, a delight for viewing content. An amazing camera, along with new lighting filters. But the strongest reason to consider iPhone X is its newest feature: TrueDepth and Face ID. Facial recognition works very well, and its new sensor system and front camera system opens a new door to innovation (such as more complete experiences for augmented reality).
iPad is a line of tablets designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first generation was announced in January 2010, while the second generation appeared in 2011. It falls into one category between a smartphone and a laptop, focusing more on access than on creating applications and themes. The latest iPad on the market is the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, compatible with a full-size keyboard, and hosts a processor that surpasses any competitive alternative. The A10X Fusion chip provides it with lightning speed. Its display is one of its great strengths due to its new larger proportions, incredible color gamut and accurate color temperature.
The latest version of the iPad is deal because it has an excellent Retina display; with TrueTone for just the right brightness and ProMotion for agile loading of visual content, an unprecedented tablet speed processor, a battery that lasts more than a day of intense use, and cameras at the height of iPhone 7.
The Apple Watch is the first smartwatch created by the technology company Apple and was launched on September 9, 2014. The Apple Watch is a smart clock that takes on several of the functions of some of Cupertino's signature mobile devices. The watch is made of stainless steel, sapphire crystal and straps of different colors and materials, interchangeable with each other. Apple Watch, like most smartwatches, is designed to make the second screen of a smartphone (iPhone in this case). A lighter and more comfortable device that you don't need to take out of your pocket. The Apple Watch is designed to solve simple tasks, such as querying quick notifications (Whatsapp, text messages, consulting the mail or navigation systems like maps).
MacBook is a family of Apple-developed notebooks that target basic users, home users, and small businesses. MacBook became the best-selling Macintosh laptop in the company's history, beating the iMac. The latest version of the laptop is the MacBook 2017, which inherits qualities from the original MacBook Air and the notebook.
The 2017 revision raises the stakes in several key areas. The most important hardware upgrade of all is the addition of Intel processors from the Kaby Lake family. The one that mounted our test unit is the m3 model of two cores and 1.2Ghz, which achieves an amazing 3.0Ghz under demanding tasks.
Apple TV is a digital media receiver designed, manufactured and distributed by Apple. The player is designed to play digital media content from the Apple store, YouTube, Flickr, iCloud, Vimeo, Netflix, or from a Mac OS X or Windows computer with iTunes on high-definition television. Its latest version, Apple TV 4K updates the company's streaming box. Along with new video streaming options, the new box integrates 4K resolution and HDR (high dynamic range) video for you to enjoy on the largest screens in your home.