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The apple tv marks a new beginning in the technology race. Since the release of the first model back in 2007, every apple tv release date is a stepping stone to the next wave of technology. So, what is apple tv? It’s a standalone device for your home, that integrates the same features and functionality behind Apple’s efficient iOS, and connects it to your existing television screen. You’ll be able to stream video content from your phone, enjoy your favorite streaming apps and more, straight from the comfort of your couch or bed on a bigger screen. If you’re in the market for a new apple tv, sometimes the price can leave you hopeful, but when looking for a good apple tv for sale, Back Market has got you covered. Here we strive to be the place to go for professionally refurbished electronic devices. An apple tv refurbished deal can be a good option on your pocket, and you will get a 30 day trial and 6 month warranty, so no need to worry about the condition of the apple tv 4 The apple tv 4th generation has tons of great features, and here at Back Market some deals will get you 30 or even 50% off. Our products are tested and certified by professional refurbishers. Refurbished deals are some of the most sought out deals on the web: they offer great performance for a fraction of the cost. And never forget, when you buy refurbished you help the planet as well as your pocket!