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BlackBerry Z10 16GB - Black Unlocked

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84% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Condition: Fair
8820 oz of e-waste saved

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8 products

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Refurbished BlackBerry devices

Want a low-cost smartphone? Consider a refurbished BlackBerry from Back Market

Known for their iconic physical keyboard, the BlackBerry smartphone is still a contender in the sector today. The brand competes with the biggest manufacturers of the moment to offer ever more innovative and powerful devices. To get your hands on one for the best price, Back Market has a selection of refurbished BlackBerry models that can save you several tens of dollars.

Why buy a refurbished BlackBerry?

Passing through the hands of experts and undergoing many performance and quality tests, each of the cheap BlackBerry devices on offer from Back Market guarantee quality and perfect working condition. Where there is even the slightest doubt, parts are replaced with new ones to give the device a second life. Their condition is as good as new, so much so that we guarantee every Back Market device with a warranty of between 12 and 24 months. During this time, you’re covered for any failures or hidden defects. Something not quite right with your certified pre-owned BlackBerry? We will repair or exchange it for free – or simply give you a refund.

Buy a BlackBerry on Back Market

Once your mind is made up, go to Back Market’s website to view the entire selection of cheap BlackBerry devices. Choose the model that suits you (BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Leap or BlackBerry Bold, for example) and select the warranty period of your choice (between 12 and 24 months). It couldn’t be easier – or cheaper – to get one of the latest smartphone models at an unbeatable price.

Offered at the best price, Back Market’s refurbished BlackBerry devices let you save between 20 and 70% off the recommended retail price. A proposition too good to be true for those who want the latest technological innovations without the hefty price tag – and who want to limit the amount of electronic waste sent to landfill.