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BLU Studio 6.0 HD 16GB (Dual Sim) - Black Unlocked

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5% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Very good
7 oz of e-waste saved

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7 products

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Featuring the multitasking power of Android, and a wide variety of options and different looks and styles, blu phones are guaranteed to give you great performance for better-than-ever-before pricing. And remember that when you buy refurbished, you're helping the planet as well! A blu phone has been a standard when it comes to innovation in the smartphone market, with a wide consumer base and never ending updates to their lines of phones, it's quite the massive brand. If you've been looking for an Android-capable phone with great design and impressive performance, the Blu cell phones are a smart choice! The blu unlocked phonesoffer great performance and connectivity. If what You're looking for is outright multitasking power and resolution, you can't go wrong. With great displays and phones that are built to last, you'll be enjoying productivity on the go, without a worry at all. No matter which option you choose, with any blu cell phone you can rest assured our devices here at Back Market are professionally tested and refurbished. Featuring expandable storage with a dedicated microSD slots, the Blu phones will keep you connected as well with Wi-Fi for you wireless networks, and fast 4G LTE.