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iPhone 8 64GB - Space Gray Unlocked

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Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Fair
5 oz of e-waste saved

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5 ounces.

In buying a Christmas Gifts for Friends, you're helping prevent 5 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 71 Pringles. Yum-o.

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Christmas gifts for best friends

Find the Christmas gift your best friend will love

You know your best friend better than anyone, so try not to stress about buying them the perfect Christmas gift. Thanks to Back Market, you don’t even need to run the store this year – you can sort out the perfect present in just a few clicks.

Our most popular gift categories:

Which gifts are perfect for your wannabe chef best friend?

A budding chef in the making, your best friend loves to spend hours in the kitchen creating delicious dishes. A refurbished multifunctional food processor will therefore make a perfect Christmas gift. Or if they’re more of a baker, then perhaps a refurbished pastry processor is a better option. Even the most capable chefs among us can’t say no to some extra help now and again! And if you really want to treat them, a refurbished pressure cooker will streamline their efforts without compromising on taste.

Which gift for your best friend who loves technology?

Finding a Christmas present for a best friend addicted to new technology is quite straightforward, especially on Back Market. Our catalog is packed full of small, low-cost gems of technology. Refurbished smartphones, state-of-the-art tablets, hybrid PCs and Bluetooth headsets will all be welcome finds under the tree. Another Christmas gift idea for your best friend is a refurbished camera, an accessory to help them reconnect with the pleasure of taking pictures. If photography is their biggest passion and they already have a good case, give them a refurbished lens to add a new dimension to taking pictures.

Which gift should you buy your sporty best friend?

If your best friend is into sports, the Back Market website contains many pages of perfect Christmas gift ideas she’ll love. For example, with a refurbished cardio watch she can follow her performance day by day, or use a connected scale to accurately follow the development of muscle mass. Or if you want to go for something really out of left field, buy them a refurbished juicer – the ideal accessory for healthy breakfasts everyday.

You know your best friend better than anyone, so trust your instincts when it comes to looking for perfect Christmas gift ideas! To find THE best Christmas gift, let yourself be guided by their hobbies and interests. Whether they love to cook, play with the latest gadgets or enjoy playing sports, Back Market has the perfect gift for your best friend.