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iPhone 8 64GB - Space Gray Unlocked

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5 ounces.

In buying a Christmas Gifts for Grandfathers, you're helping prevent 5 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 71 Pringles. Yum-o.

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Christmas gifts for your grandfather

Which Christmas gift will you give your grandfather?

You love your Grandpa and want him to know just how much you love him with a perfect Christmas present this year. If you’re lacking ideas on a great Christmas gift idea for Grandpa then check out some ideas from Back Market below for inspiration.

Our most popular gift categories:

What are the best Christmas gift ideas for a grandfather?

Does your Grandpa like to create a comfortable space for his moments of relaxation, tucked away from the world? A refurbished TV is a great Christmas gift idea for your grandfather, especially if he likes to turn watching movies into a real cinematic experience. If he already has a flat screen TV, then you can help him complete his audio visual set up with a refurbished home theater or sound bar. For music loving grandpas, there’s nothing like a good refurbished Bluetooth headset or speakers for your trendy Grandpa to rediscover his favorite tracks.

Which Christmas gift idea for a grandfather who likes to fix things?

Back Market has a wide range of options to choose from in this category too! If your Grandpa is the type to spend lots of time in his workshop, then the DIY pages of our site are a good place to start. Refurbished screwdrivers, sanders, grinders and jigsaws will all make excellent additions to his range of tools. In addition to these classics, consider a refurbished range finder. This Christmas gift for the DIY loving grandfather will help him take all necessary measurements for his projects without having to bend over backwards with his measuring tape.

Which Christmas gift idea for a tech-savvy grandfather?

Finding a Christmas present for your tech-savvy grandfather need only take a few clicks! A refurbished tablet comes immediately to mind for someone who loves new technology. If he already has one, then maybe you can get together with your cousins to buy him one of the latest refurbished smartphones, so he too can enjoy looking at hi-res photos of the family. And speaking of photos, Back Market has many refurbished cameras you can get Grandpa for capturing precious family moments – reflex cameras, compact cameras, hybrid cameras and even retro polaroid cameras will all be appreciated under the tree.

DIY enthusiast, tech-lover or homebody, there’s a perfect Christmas present for your grandfather on Back Market’s website. Consider his hobbies and the budget you have to work with and you’re sure to find a present he’ll love.