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Your Next Laptop?

5 Best Cheap Laptops Under $100

Did somebody say, "Refurbished Laptop Deals?" Yup, we heard you…

Refurbished Dell Latitude devices

Treat yourself to a refurbished Dell Latitude device from Back Market

Do you want to buy a Dell Latitude computer, that’s in perfect working condition, but shudder at the in-store price? Back Market can help. Delivered to you in almost brand new condition, our range of refurbished Dell Latitude devices can be discounted by as much as 60% off the recommended retail price.

Buy a Dell Latitude computer for less with Back Market

Regardless of which model from the Dell Latitude range you choose (E5440, E7250 or E6430 for example), you’ll get the best price with Back Market. Unlike traditional second-hand devices, Back Market thoroughly tests all devices in our specialized laboratory against numerous quality check points to ensure optimal condition and safety. And for further peace of mind when buying a cheap Dell Latitude product from us, we’ll give you a minimum 12-month Back Market warranty.

Get a refurbished Dell Latitude device for the best price

Back Market is uniquely placed in the market, combining high-quality devices with huge savings – letting you buy a Dell Latitude computer without maxxing out your credit card. All Back Market products benefit from attractive discounts, with some devices retailing for as much as half the price of a brand new device – and sometimes more – without sacrificing quality. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the very best in technology from the world’s best brands, which is why we offer certified pre-owned Dell Latitude devices at such great prices. Dell Latitude products in particular are popular within the industry, well known for their durability, optimal cefficiency and intuitive user experiences.

Buy a refurbished Dell Latitude device from Back Market to get a premium quality device for an unbeatable price.