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Dell XPS 13 9360 13.3-inch (2017) - Core i7-7560U - 8 GB - SSD 256 GB

45% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Very good
45 oz of e-waste saved

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2 products

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Refurbished Dell XPS devices

Purchase a refurbished Dell XPS computer from Back Market

Highly coveted among compact computer users, the Dell XPS is positioned towards the upper end of the spectrum. With a number of versions to its name, you’re guaranteed great performance regardless of the model you choose. And when you buy a certified pre-owned Dell XPS from Back Market, you’re also guaranteed great savings.

Back Market: buy a Dell XPS for the best price

With high-performance components and a compact size, the Dell XPS combines price and practicality to form an ideal computer for personal and professional users. On Back Market’s website, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of cheap Dell XPS machines so you can find the one most suited to your needs.

A refurbished Dell XPS that’s as good as new

Back Market has a reputation in the market for high-quality refurbished devices – achieved through a rigorous quality control process. Each refurbished Dell XPS goes through several checkpoints to ensure perfect working condition. And we’ll back this up with a minimum 12-month Back Market guarantee – covering you in case of future defect or breakdown.

Treat yourself to the best of low cost computing thanks to Back Market – where you can pick up a refurbished Dell XPS for much less.