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Samsung Galaxy A3
Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 is the most compact model in the series, but don't be fooled by its size. The little one in the family is no longer outdone and comes with all hardware and software innovations, making it a very interesting device for those looking for a high level of user experience in a smaller size.
Looking at the technical profile of this year's Galaxy A3 , it becomes clear to us that Samsung wanted to bring its A series of more advanced smartphones. Noticeable in points such as water resistance, the great novelty of this new mid-range generation, and also in the integration of a USB-C port or the fingerprint reader, a piece that until this year had not appeared in the smallest model of the series.
The chip of that runs the Android is an Exynos 7870 octa-core, accompanied by a Mali T830 GPU and 2 GB of RAM. In the internal memory, we have 16 GB expandable with MicroSD and 2,350 mAh for the battery. The software fogs up, in general, far-reaching figures.
The external appearance tells a lot about the product, Samsung played very well with this idea. The Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 takes up the baton of the previous generation but perfects a design that reflects the Galaxy S series.
The Galaxy A3 is made of a combination of metal and glass that conveys the feeling of high quality, but in a much smaller size, the two characteristics make the model a flawless product.