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Refurbished Galaxy A5 (2017)

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Samsung Galaxy A5
The new Samsung Galaxy A5 may be mistaken at first sight for a Galaxy S7. However, the new Galaxy A5 (2017) has enough outer packaging and level components inside it to occupy an important place in the catalog of the Korean company.
After a hesitant beginning, we can finally consider the Galaxy A5 as a true super-medium range terminal, capable of raising doubts to anyone who does not want to spend more than 400 euros on a smartphone but at the same time have a current and dated Android.
The design, finish, and specifications of the Galaxy A5 undoubtedly puts it above the average range you would have in mind. The RAM memory is 3 GB, and with a processor, we have an Exynos 7 of eight cores at 1.9 GHz with which the vast majority of users will have a smooth user experience.
The Samsung Galaxy A5 has a diagonal screen of 5.2 impeccable inches, a SuperAMOLED panel and a resolution of 1080p that is more than enough for the day to day use.
Metal and glass, good dimensions, a fingerprint reader on the start button and even water resistance (the real one -IP68- that allows you to submerge and dirty it without fear) and small size are all features that sum up the versatility and greatness of model. Samsung did not cut anything out when producing the Galaxy A5, it is a smartphone that conquers you as soon as you glance at it.