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Refurbished Galaxy Note3

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Our very best refurbished Galaxy Note3:

Galaxy Note3 32GB - Black - Locked Verizon

Galaxy Note3 32GB - Black - Locked Verizon

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Warranty: 12 months

Grade: Good
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Talana L. Bought: Galaxy Note3 5 months ago
Its not fully functional like it said it was.
Value for money
Overall performance
Lens & Camera
Packaging and cleanliness

Searches so popular -  you can't sit with them

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3 devices

Choose from a wide selection of refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3 devices with Back Market

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is neither smartphone nor tablet. It's a ‘phablet’! This high-end device is designed with quality components and a large screen for optimal comfort. If you choose to buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you can enjoy all the advantages of this device for an unbeatable price. And we’ll even throw in a 12-month warranty to give you total peace of mind.

Why choose a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Would you like a cheap Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Then simply choose one of the certified pre-owned Samsung Galaxy Note 3 models from Back Market. For significantly less than the in-store price, you can enjoy the XXL 5.7 inch screen, interactive navigational pen, 13-megapixel photos, 4K videos and a great user experience.

Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Just like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Samsung Galaxy S, the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3 runs on the Android operating system and offers all the usual performance hallmarks of the brand. To find a cheap Samsung Galaxy Note 3, visit Back Market’s website today.

Choose a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to enjoy the many features of this stylish phablet for an unbeatable price. This device is truly one of the Korean brand's most notable successes.