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Refurbished Hoverboard

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Average of 0 reviews from the past 6 months.

George P. 05/18/21
Delivered ahead of time and just worked. Was categorized in fair condition and I would agree with the assessment. So far so good!

Rémi R. 10/29/21
Satisfied with the quality of the product and really good quality/price ratio.

José Manuel A. 11/15/21
Quality as expected and very fast delivery! Exactly what I was looking for!! It's my second purchase and it's awesome!

Stéphane C. 11/7/21
A little nervous (...), but delivery was GREAT !!!

Alex F. 11/10/21
Perfect. In very good condition and well packed. Works perfectly.

Refurbished hoverboards

Want a cheap hoverboard? Back Market can help!

Made famous in the cult classic Back to the Future movie, refurbished hoverboards and gyroskates are a fun and practical way of getting around. There’s no question that buying a hoverboard will add a good dose of fun to your everyday life!

Cheap hoverboards made possible

A board with no handlebars and just two side wheels, hoverboards are a marvel of modern engineering – following the body’s natural movements as you whizz around. Finding a cheap hoverboard is incredibly rare, except at Back Market. We offer a wide variety of models and brands at competitive prices. Want a multi-colored Urbanglide hoverboard, IO Chic model or a Bluetooth-enabled hoverboard? You’ll find the hoverboard of your dreams at Back Market – with up to 75% off the recommended retail price. As a bonus, when you buy a hoverboard with us, you get a minimum of twelve months warranty.

Choose the right hoverboard at a knock-down price

In our range of certified pre-owned hoverboards on offer, you’ll find models with many different technical specifications. Here are the points to study before buying a cheap hoverboard:

  • Speed: speeds vary between 15 and 25 km/h, depending on the refurbished hoverboard in question.
  • Battery life: depending on its battery, a low-priced hoverboard can travel up to 30km without recharging.
  • Charging time: the time required to recharge a refurbished hoverboard can vary from single to double models, but is usually somewhere between 1 and 4 hours.
  • The maximum load: before buying a hoverboard, you should check it can transport weight according to your needs.
  • The weight of the reconditioned hoverboard: this is especially important if you want to use the refurbished hoverboard for your daily commute and will therefore be using it regularly.

Futuristic and fun, refurbished hoverboards from Back Market are the best way to afford this concentration of modern technology.