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Refurbished Huawei MateBook devices

At Back Market,you can get a refurbished Huawei MateBook at an unbeatable price!

Huawei presents its vision of what a Windows 10 hybrid PC should be with the M3 MateBook. With a neat finish and high-quality screen, the refurbished Huawei MateBook M3 from Back Market is an excellent notebook for personal and professional users.

A certified pre-owned Huawei MateBook M3: the joys of the hybrid for a low price

With a functional keyboard and detachable screen, the refurbished MateBook M3 is a highly flexible device. Go from a laptop to a tablet in a flash! Once assembled, the two parts form an ultra light device (less than a kilo) with a superb finish. At just 1.6 cm wide, a refurbished MateBook M3 can be taken everywhere it is so easily transported. The IPS panel in Full HD+ definition of 2160 x 1440 pixels gives superb visual comfort, while the color rendering is natural, brightness optimal and the contrast ratio perfectly balanced.

Get a powerful yet cheap Huawei MateBook M3 from Back Market

A powerful hybrid PC, you’ll find a 900MHz dual-core M3 processor under the hood of each refurbished Huawei MateBook M3 – coupled with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. This means you can surf the web with ease, watch videos in 4K on Netflix and YouTube, as well as office-centric tasks. A perfect companion for traveling and working!

Want a hybrid PC with a beautiful finish and high-quality screen? Head over to the Back Market site to buy a Huawei MateBook M3 for a great deal!