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Our very best Refurbished iPad Air:


iPad Air (September 2013) 16GB - Space Gray - (Wi-Fi)

-75% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Stallone
17 oz of e-waste saved

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72 products
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IPad Air
The iPad Air offers better performance and similar battery life to the previous model in an attractive, slim and lightweight package. An improved front camera makes FaceTime look better and the Retina display still looks great.
The fifth generation of the iPad line, Apple's IPad Air offers an exterior redesign, providing a tablet substantially thinner and lighter. But, despite this exterior reduction, the iPad maintains the battery life of its predecessor and delivers significantly better performance.
The iPad Mini introduced a fresh new design, using a little bit of the latest iPod Touch base to create a tablet in an impossibly slim design. But the Apple IPad Air is a 20 percent larger version of the Mini, as both tablets feature details of the same style.
What is impressive is that the iPad Air is not 20 percent thicker than the Mini. In fact, with 7.5mm, it's just 0.3mm deeper - massively 1.9mm thinner than the previous iPad. Nevertheless, the tablet feels as sturdy and rigid as before. Its more rounded profile and slanting edges give it a more modern appearance.
The IPad Air 1 is ridiculously fast, it has a processor speed of 1.39GHz, vs. iPhone 5S 1.29GHz. The processor remained the same as its predecessor, a dual-core, 64-bit A7 CPU.
Web pages' load faster and the operating system response has improved. The new IPad Air takes everything into another level, you can choose from the IPad Air 16GB, IPad Air 32GB, 64GB to the 128GB version depending on your needs.