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iPad mini 2 (November 2013) 32GB - Space Gray - (Wi-Fi)

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Ipad Mini 2
The new Apple IPad mini 2 manages to reduce the iPad Air to a more compact size, without sacrificing anything. Smaller than before, the Ipad Mini 2 is the perfect little tablet. The new iPad Mini has a 2,048x1,526 pixel Retina display, exactly the same resolution as the iPad Air and the same powerful 64-bit A7 processor. You could call the iPad Mini 2 with a Retina display the reduced version of the new iPad Air: it has most of the same specifications as its big brother. However, differences become evident if you look closely. The iPad Mini comes in two colors: silver and spatial gray, where the same metal color is used on the back as on the iPhone 5S and iPad Air.
The IPad 2 mini is ideal if you are a great reader, the improved screen resolution is the most appreciated change in this version. The iPad Mini 2 has the 64-bit A7 processor, the same as the iPhone 5S and iPad Air. Plus, an M7 coprocessor that helps monitor movement and allows the device to be used for physical activities or motion monitoring. The model also has a better front camera than the previous Mini, a better MIMO Wi-Fi antenna and better international LTE connectivity for LTE models, and an additional microphone in the back that automatically adjusts based on whether you are using the rear or front camera so that, for example, FaceTime calls are clearer.
If you are a gamer or a user focused on applications like video editing, you'll notice a giant breakthrough on the new IPad Mini 2: the change of processor from last year's A5 to A7 the new generation is a big jump. Applications that had delays before now run smoothly: multitasking and demanding tasks such as graphic representations, video editing, and others, also run flawlessly. Wi-Fi antennas were also upgraded via MIMO technology. MIMO promises better performance, and better range with dual antenna, which means that the Ipad Mini 2 is fundamentally faster anywhere you go.
If you are looking for a small tablet without limitations, that can run the best apps, that offers great productivity, and that is ideal for reading, the iPad Mini with Retina screen is undoubtedly the way to go. Storage configurations now include a 128GB model: but the IPad Mini 2 32GB, 16GB and 64GB are still an option. Wi-Fi-only configurations costs around $399, but a refurbished IPad Mini 2 is also a suitable and cheaper option.
How to summarize it? The mini 2 iPad adds a screen with an excellent resolution that competes with the iPad Air, a better A7 processor and also improves Wi-Fi and LTE, along with battery life equal to or better than the previous year. Does this justify the need to upgrade from the previous iPad Mini? If you use heavy applications, no doubt, and note that the developers make the most of the new processors, in this case, the A7. So to ensure maximum functionality in the future, buying the iPad Mini with Retina only for the processor is a good idea.