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iPad mini 4 (September 2015) 128GB - Space Gray - (Wi-Fi)

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10 ounces.

In buying a Used & Refurbished iPad Mini 4, you're helping prevent 10 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 142 Pringles. Yum-o.

IPad Mini 4
The Ipad Mini 4, the Apple's smallest tablet, was a long-awaited update. The A8 processor in the Mini 4 seems to be a more powerful version than the one found on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, or the latest iPod Touch. What about the screen? It didn't change size or resolution but the leap forward in quality is amazing and so. The IPad mini 4 has a little less diagonal but with the same resolution, resulting in a density of 326 dpi instead of 264 in the 9.7-inch iPad.
The iPad Mini 4 keeps the resolution and therefore its density, but the screen is completely new. Apple company removed the layer of air between panel and glass, as on the iPad Air and iPhone, which immediately leaves a significant leap in quality both in sight and touch. With that 'simple' gesture it gained a greater sense of contrast. But there's more. The poor color gamut of the iPad Mini 3, around 60%, has suddenly jumped almost 100%. The difference is astonishing and can be appreciated from the first second with the new iPad Mini 4. In addition, with the lamination of the screen and an anti-glare coating, the iPad Mini 4 has improved its visibility outdoors.
The tight control of hardware and software, together with the best consumption performance of the components that arrive for the first time at the Apple IPad mini 4, has made it possible for Apple to trim lightly both the weight and thickness of its new small-format tablet. The new iPad Mini 4 is more comfortable to use, even with one hand, than the model it replaces, and if you carry it in a purse or backpack, you'll hardly notice it's there. The weight has been established below 300 grams, which means that the iPad Mini 3 has been reduced by 30 grams. The thickness matches that of the iPad Air 2, 6.1 mm thick.
The IPad mini 4 16 GB, as well as the others, come with a new processor, an A8 very similar to the iPad Air 2's A8X, but the most important thing is that it raised RAM to 2GB. With this combination the performance of the tablet is in line with what we should demand of a model of this level, it shows no problem when running games or multitasking. The new iPad Mini's battery reduced its capacity to 5124 mAh, but video playback hours still remain around 9-10 hours. Using it for web browsing via Wifi, with the brightness always between 35-50% indoor, about two hours a day, and video so many others, the iPad Mini 4 can last three days without charging. And this is the type of numbers expected from a tablet as such.
Retina display, spectacular cameras, and advanced wireless connections: The iPad mini 4 has what you love about the iPad in a smaller size. It puts a thousand possibilities in the palm of your hand, it is thinner and lighter than ever, and it has plenty of power to give shape to each and every one of your ideas. The IPad mini 4 price starts around USD 400 and might changing depending on its internal characteristics.'