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After the iPhone 5 goes the iPhone 5S. This is how Apple renovates their devices since the beginning, two year cycles that bring every odd year a new version of the previous model, the new generation devices are similar to the last year version but with some enhancements, especially in the section of the processor and camera.

If you hold a new iPhone 5s in your hand, you probably won't realize the difference. The 5S is completely identical to the 5 except for the colors of the housing and frame, and the innovation of the double LED flash next to the camera.
But the overall design as well as dimensions, weight, and thickness remain intact. And it's a good news because it remains a lightweight and slim terminal, comfortable to carry it in the pocket and very nice to have on hand. The iPhone 5s is a terminal that can be considered as resilient. The new colors in the iPhone casing were highly admired, specially the The iPhone 5 S camera stayed in 8 megapixels. The camera detector, Apple says, is, however, 15 percent bigger: pixels are physically larger (1.5 microns) even though it has the same number. The camera aperture is larger (f/22). And all these elements add up for better exposure to low light. So a collection of new and useful enhancements makes the good iPhone 5 an improved camera.
The screen measures remained intact. By keeping that diagonal, the iPhone 5s Retina screen does not need to improve its resolution, as it's 1136 x 640 pixels and maintains a convenient 326 dpi pixel density. So, the iPhone 5s screen continues to look great, with enough sharpness and a proper brightness that improves blacks.
One of the novelties associated with the Apple 5S is the renewal of the processor. The improvement has been quite important, the A7 processor that mounts the new iPhone is the first one in the company that bets on 64 bits. The battery increased 100 mAh compared to the 5 model, so it shows a small improvement in autonomy. The new A7-powered processor allows for true burst photo shooting. The iPhone 5 could take a lot of photos with fast tapping, but the iPhone 5S can capture fast-moving activities, such as sports.
The iPhone 5S delivers an enhanced camera, next-generation CPU and motion detector chip. Apple included the free iWork application suite. iOS added some good enhancements, including the AirDrop document streaming application and the Android-like Control Center. If you have an older version, and find the iPhone 5S for sale, its probably a good choice to buy it. And since the model came a while back, cheap iPhone 5S are easy to bargain. A refurbished iPhone 5S is a great option to save extra dollars, and they come with a performance guarantee from Apple.