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iPhone 6 Plus 64GB - Space Gray Unlocked

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Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Fair
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Refurbished iPhone 6 Plus devices

Back Market stocks a wide range of refurbished iPhone 6 Plus at low prices

With a large screen and fluid operating system, a certified pre-owned iPhone 6 Plus from Back Market puts the famed Apple quality within everyone’s reach. As comfortable performing basic functions as it is with more advanced functionality, it’s perfect for everyday use.

The refurbished iPhone 6 Plus: a smart smartphone choice

The refurbished iPhone 6 Plus is known for its large 5.5 inch screen, placing it in the market somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet. The first phone from Apple to do so, it revolutionized smartphone use for millions of consumers. No longer stocked in Apple stores, you’ll need to visit Back Market’s website to get your hands on one of these quality devices – where you can buy a iPhone 6 Plus for a highly competitive price.

How to buy a cheap iPhone 6 Plus from Back Market

You’ll need to narrow down your selection from the wide range of cheap iPhone 6 Plus devices we have in stock – in terms of color (silver, gold or space gray) and storage capacity (between 16 and 128 GB). Then finally select a warranty period suitable for your needs, starting at a minimum of 12 months. Throughout this period, you’re protected from any future defects with free repairs or exchanges to guarantee you get to enjoy a smartphone that’s as good as new.

The refurbished iPhone 6 Plus has it all: a large screen, high performance levels and a great low price point for this quality smartphone. What more do you need to know ?