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Refurbished iPhone 6

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Backers ratings on our Refurbished iPhone 6 :

Irina K. - 04/04/19


I was surprised it's not a new phone as it looks exactly like one

Keith B. - 03/04/19


Quality and price were outstanding!

Robert F. - 24/03/19


The quality of the battery was poor. The business gave me a $20 credit for the battery even though the credit didn't cover the cost of buying a new battery. The business says they test their batteries are 80% of the quality of a new battery. However, 80% means that your phone will likely die before 2pm.

Pamala N. - 22/03/19


The phone works perfectly and it was in better condition than expected. We had 0 problems getting service. I will buy from here again.

Robert B. - 20/03/19



clifton k. - 20/03/19


Great as advertised nice phone

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At first sight, the iPhone 6 has an improved shape compared to its predecessors, being less thick and with softly rounded corners. The sleek design is less receptive to shocks, yet the shell takes on the all-metal anodized design with thin plastic strips on the back. The photo sensor is surprisingly protruding from the back shell; however, trying to give some ideas for reflection about all specifications as we put aside the difference in the iPhone 6 prices, only the heartfelt may have the final say in the end for the Apple iPhone 6 Available on the market, an iphone 6 unlocked is another choice to get out of carrier contracts. The unlocked iPhone 6 is more practical and lets users play with all functionalities and features freely. In general, the iPhone 6 has well-thought ergonomics. The grip perfectly falls into the palm of the hand, though it weighs 0.03 lb more than the previous model. Compared to its predecessor and among the range of colors available, the iPhone 6 gold it's fancier. Although it is not waterproof, the iPhone 6 relies on its unique strength and performance. The model is no less robust than other smartphones, it does not bend but rather combines mobility and comfort as it fits in any slim pocket easily. Indeed, Apple has been able to fully exploit the capabilities of the iPhone 6 screen within the limits of LCD technology. The average difference between the requested and the displayed colors is less than 2 Delta E: contrasted, well-balanced, without particular dominance, with refined details in both light and dark tones and with a maximum brightness sufficient enough to ensure a good readability in bright sunlight. It benefits from a slightly curved glass that gives the user the impression of being closer to the image displayed. This functionality does not wear out for any used iPhone 6 The iPhone 6 has many advantages; it is equipped with a battery that has an autonomy around 14 hours in 3G/LTE conversation and 250 hours of standby. All the chips behind its 4.7-inch screen of 1 334 x 750 pixels work tirelessly and smoothly with a dual-core A8 chip locked at 1.4 GHz and associated with a 1GB RAM. The photo sensor is an 8 Megapixels and has a digital stabilizer. The 6th generation of iPhone is an excellent alternative to all new versions of iPhones. Well-designed for full comfort, speed, and autonomy, it is ranked among the list of the best smartphones of the moment. Plus, the iPhone 6 deals, has a very affordable price.