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iPhone 6s Plus 128GB Space Gray - Unlocked

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iPhone 6s Plus
As a companion to the iPhone 6S, the 'phablet' iPhone 6s plus comes as a respectful competitor in the mobile phone market. Following the standards of the iPhone S line, the model looks like its predecessor, receiving noticeable changes only in technical terms and other subtle variations. The model is for any iOS fans who enjoy a widescreen.
Its appearance is similar to that of the iPhone 6 Plus, including its wide dimensions, rounded corners, the use of 2.5D glass, two separate antenna protections on the rear panel and, the apple logo. The volume management buttons are located on the right side next to the shortcut to turn the display on or off, and the TouchID button also works as a fingerprint reader and is on the front of the device. The iPhone 6S Plus had the largest screen on an iPhone at its moment: 5.5 inches, with HD retina resolution and multitouch technology for high response to gestural commands.
A new set of graphics and card processor come with the iPhone 6 s plus. The newest chipset includes a CPU running at a superior speed and a GPU capable of delivering impressive graphics. The processor in question has an architecture that provides for 3-core 1.51 GHz operation, ensuring superior performance.
One of the most awaited technologies by Apple lovers came along with the iPhone 6s. 3D Touch, although not particularly a novelty since it was present in Apple Watch and MacBook. The button recognizes the force applied by the user's finger on the screen surface. In this way, the same virtual element that displays the screen can differentiate when the user makes a gentle touch, or when it actually puts more pressure on the screen surface. With the second generation of TouchID, announced alongside the Apple iPhone 6s plus, recognition of the fingerprint is twice as fast.
After using an 8-megapixel master sensor since the launch of iPhone 4S, in mid-2010, Apple decided to end component continuity by adopting a 12-megapixel rear view camera. Photography experts will know that the amount of megapixels is not necessarily synonymous with quality, but this means that, because of its higher resolution, the image will maintain the original integrity in case the user decides to cut or modify certain objects. The camera will also be able to record videos in 4K resolution. And in case you enjoyed the 5-megapixel camera for panoramic and landscape capture, you can also celebrate that the front sensor, usually used for self-portraits, got a megapixel magnification. So now selfies are now 5 megapixels.
You can acquire the iPhone 6s plus gold, space gray or silver. Apple aims at the most demanding end of the market, and in recent years has proven to have the knowledge of how to do so. The iPhone 6s plus price begins in USD 250 in online shops.