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Our very best Refurbished iPhone 6s:

iPhone 6s 64GB Silver - Unlocked
Works with:
-67% discount
Warranty: 6 months
Grade: Stallone
-5 oz of electronic waste

Review: Refurbished iPhone 6s

«Everything was good. Condition is excellent. Battery capacity 98%. which is very good ...»

Declan F. - 7/7


Refurbisher: Smarter-Phone

Refurbished iPhone 6s

Refurbished iPhone 6s

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5 oz.

In buying a Refurbished iPhone 6s, you're helping prevent 5 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 0 Pringles. Yum-o.

Backers ratings on our Refurbished iPhone 6s :

Alek J. - 07/04/19


Let me start off by saying that despite the few disappointments, I am rather satisfied with my first experience with Back Market. I purchased an iPhone 6s 64GB rated grade: Gold for $184 and change, a reasonable price for such a device in the described condition. To break it down, The Good: *The exterior of the device in nearly immaculate. *As far as I can tell the device is completely original, no aftermarket repair parts. *All buttons have a good tactile response, ringer switch is smooth. *Cameras function nominally, no damage to the rear lens. *Speaker sounds good, the earpiece is loud and clear. *Ambient light sensor works well, as well as the proximity sensor. *Headphone jack is tight and sounds clear. *Flash works well, all levels of brightness. *Overall a very clean and fully functional device. *The device was very well packaged, a well-sized box, bubble wrap, and a container not unlike the old style clear plastic Apple packaging. The Not So Good: *Because this phone is, as far as I can tell, completely original, the battery life is starting to dwindle. According to the battery health displayed in settings, it claims that battery health is 83% (running iOS 12.2). When my last iPhone (6s Plus) reached 79% it recommended I take the device to be serviced at an Apple Store, and no longer lasted a full day of light use. This isn't a huge problem, as I generally have access to a charger throughout the day, and I will replace the battery once my 6-month warranty has ended. However, I did expect just a little more from a "Gold" rated device. *This is not so much a complaint of the device, but rather of the services. I ordered this phone on 4/7/19 a Sunday, in the afternoon. The only option I was given for shipping was a generic 3-day service per UPS. Great, no problems there, I've always had good experiences with UPS and their estimates, it'll ship out on Monday and I'll receive it on Wednesday, or maybe Thursday at the latest. However, Wednesday came and went, then Thursday, Friday, and still no package, so I checked with the provided tracking number and the last update was, "Jacksonville, FL - 4/10/19". I inspected a little more, checking my order to make sure I had made no mistake. To my surprise, my order claimed that the package had been shipped UPS 2-Day Air, but when I checked with the tracking number on UPS' website, it listed the shipping service as UPS Ground, a service that takes 7-13 days to get a package from FL to my location. The package did arrive eventually, on 4/16/19, 9 days after I placed my order. I do not know if this was a mistake on the part of SmarterPhone or UPS, but I would advise anyone interested in trying Back Market not to put too much weight on the shipping times.

Jack W. - 03/04/19


So far so

Joseph F. - 02/04/19


Great so far! I didn't want a new iphone because they got rid of the headphone jack. Seriously, I may be switching to Android once I run this phone out. My one complaint is that I saw in the settings that the battery power is only at 88% ... meaning this battery is not new; which is expected but was hoping it would be a bit over that. Maybe expose that information to your customers in the future. And I wasn't aware it wouldn't come with headphones.

Patricia M. - 01/04/19


The phone was just as expected and worked great.

Charles K. - 31/03/19


So far, so good! Very happy with my purchase. Appearance much better than expected. I will definitely purchased more products in the future. Thanks!

Lane P. - 30/03/19


Received the phone in a timely manner. It was not clean, screen was smudged and dirty and the back had a lot of adhesive reside, otherwise the outward appearance was in decent shape. Battery was completely drained so I charged it. The battery level has jumped around quite a bit, it will show 80% and then a few minutes later show in the red at 10%. The battery health section in the settings says the battery as about 87% capacity so I am pretty confident the battery was not serviced and will need to be replaced soon. The power button on the side also seems to me stuck, does not really move when pushed on but the pressure exerted seems to turn the phone off and lock it anyway. Okay for what I paid for it.

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Refurbished iPhone 6s The iphone 6s is part of the eighth generation of Apples popular smartphone. With its large, high-definition, glass-protected X-ion, powerful SoC, 2GB RAM memory and high-performance sensor, the iPhone 6s is one of the best and most sold phone in the world. Every two years Apple introduces their secret ingredient the "S". It was S for Speed in the 3GS, S for Siri with the 4S, S for security and Touch ID with the 5S, and now with the apple iphone 6s is S for sensitivity with the 3D Touch, a new and enriched touch experience that makes all the difference and sets a milestone in the smartphone market. Apple has also decided to launch the 6S in two new beautiful colors, the iphone 6s gold and rose gold. So what is 3D Touch? It's Apples latest feature that brings depth to our tapping, the screen of the iPhone, like the one of the Apple Watch before it gets sensitive to pressure offering new interactions. A haptic feedback is a vibration giving the illusion of a physical click, it basically warns the user that the action is well taken into account. One could therefore parallel 3D Touch with a right-click of computer mouse that’s gives access to shortcuts, previews or related menu. There are two main functionalities of the 3D touch. “Click and peek,” allows you to preview content. A light touch opens a pop-up window, e.g. a web page for a link, Apple map for a location or the calendar for a date. Let's say you are reading an email and want to preview a link without leaving the message, simply tap and hold and the pop will appear, it's simple and effective. And the second functionally is the “quick actions” which are shortcuts for applications. Pressing on an app will bring up the most common tasks, a selfie or video capture for the Camera app, shortcut to write a new SMS or direct access to your latest messages in the Message app. The 3D Touch it is once again a perfect illustration of Apple's mastery of its software and hardware Apple developers have succeeded in developing a very powerful and elegant smartphone. With 138.3 mm long by 67.1 mm wide with a thickness of 7.1 mm and a weight of 143 g, the iPhone 6s is both thin and lightweight. This model is equipped with a 4.7-inch 3-D touchscreen backlit Retina HD LED widescreen. A resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels at 326 dpi, the screen has a pixel density that allows a wider viewing angle. It is protected by the X-ion glass and an oily, fingerprint resistant cover. And beneath its anodized aluminum housing, this model features an Apple A9 chip with a 64-bit architecture consisting of a 1.84 GHz dual-core processor and a 14/16 nm six-core GT7600 192-bit PowerVR graphics chip powered by DirectX 11.2 technology. With this configuration and a 2GB RAM memory, the iPhone 6s Silver can run applications and games in powerful Full HD with incredible speed and fluidity, and with spectacular graphics. So what is the iphone 6s price? We will get to that in a second. This iphone 6s unlocked includes a second-generation fingerprint sensor to provide even more security for its users. Apple developers have installed in this model a 12-megapixel camera with f/2.2 to 1.22-micron pixels, autofocus, dual LED flash technology with real tones and a five-element lens. This offers several features, such as exposure adjustment, 5x digital zoom, autofocus, panning up to 63 megapixels, noise reduction, and image stabilization. This allows users to incorporate movement and sound from their shots. Just touch and hold an image to enjoy a few seconds before and after the moment of the snapshot. As for video recording, iPhone 6s can capture all moments in 4K UHD 2160p at 30 fps in FullHD 1080p at 30 or 60 fps or 720p HD at 30 fps. Video enthusiasts can slow their 1080p video to 120 fps and 720p video to 240 fps. As for the front, it has a 31 mm camera with 5 megapixels f/2.2 and retina flash. This offers the ability to record 1080p video at 30 fps and 720 to 240 fps. If you are looking for a new phone that is stylish and powerful the 6S does the trick. It comes in four different colors: silver, space gray, rose gold the gold iphone 6s and also four storage formats, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Its price will vary depending on the storage capacity and whether or not you choose an unlocked iphone 6s. If you are looking to save some money you can always consider the refurbished option or even the used iphone 6s. In Blak Market, there are all kinds of iphone 6s deals Our electronic devices and even our appliances seem to get smarter by the day. That’s great, but we need to start wising up and getting smarter alongside them. This is what Back Market is challenging you to do. To start questioning the rinse-and-repeat electronics cycle that makes us buy new stuff blindly year after year, and to start considering options that allow you to make better choices without having to make sacrifices. That’s what makes buying a iphone 6s refurbished awesome at Back Market - we sell refurbished electronics that cost people, planet and pocket so much less. And that’s why we like to say that over here, everything is good-as-new, but better