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iPod Touch 5 16GB - Yellow

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Warranty: 12 months
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2 products

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The iPod revolutionized the music industry by making portable music players an everyday item, and bringing music into our day-to-day lives. The ipod touch 5th generation features a brilliant design and incorporates a ton of amazing features into a very portable ultra-slim device. If you’re looking for good deals online, a refurbished ipod touch is always a good option, in terms of both cost and performance. With a 4 inch Retina Display, the ipod touch 5 is available in 6 colors and comes with the incredible Apple EarPods. Available in either 16, 32 or 64GB, the apple ipod touch 5th generation also has a tap-to-focus camera that is 1080p video capable and an LED flash. The color-matched iPod 5 touch loop wraps around your wrist and keeps your iPod touch safe and secure. With up to 40 hours of Music playback time and 8 hours of video playback, one charge will be all you need to sustain a long music session with the 5th generation ipod touch! Send unlimited messages with iMessage and Wi-Fi connectivity. With the power of iOS and iCloud you’re in for a very easy going user-friendly experience. And don’t forget that when you buy refurbished you’re also helping out the ecosystem by cutting back on the rinse and repeat cycle of today's fast-paced world! Here at Back Market our products are professionally certified and refurbished and are guaranteed to give you the same as-good-as-new quality. So have a look at the many different options we have until you find what you are looking for to boost your musical life!