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Nokia 8.3 5G 128GB - Blue - Unlocked GSM only

Nokia 8.3 5G 128GB - Blue - Unlocked GSM only

Works with:

54% discount
Warranty: 12 months

Condition: Excellent
8 oz of e-waste saved
They bought on Back Market
That's according to Carl B. Just as described. I found this to be a great deal on a nearly perfect refurb. Not a mark on it, really. 06/12/21

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6 products

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Discover the selection of refurbished Nokia devices on Back Market

This is one of the most well-known brands of mobile telephony. And Nokia smartphones are still up there with the best of them. Reliable, efficient and offering good battery life, refurbished Nokia mobiles are now available at very attractive prices on Back Market’s site. A good reason not to miss out.

The advantages of buying a refurbished Nokia from Back Market

Still popular, refurbished Nokia smartphones are sold on Back Market’s site with discounts of up to 60% – sometimes even 70%. Great news for people who need to upgrade their equipment, and want to take advantage of the best of new technologies. But what also differentiates these devices from the used Nokia handsets you might find elsewhere is the Back Market guarantee that comes as standard. For a period of between 12 and 60 months, your certified pre-owned Nokia device is protected against any future defect. If you notice something, simply return the device to us for a repair, exchange of full refund – at no additional charge.

And the benefits don’t stop there. By choosing to buy a Nokia smartphone from us, you’re also doing your part for the planet. Because these products are still in perfect condition and don’t need to be recycled, you’re helping to actively fight against the electronic waste that all too often happens.

Choose your cheap Nokia from Back Market’s wide range of devices

You know the many reasons to buy a refurbished Nokia product, now it’s time to choose your device:

  • Think about what you will use the phone for, and therefore the amount of storage capacity you need
  • Choose the preferred color of your Nokia device
  • Then create a price range on the Back Market site to ensre you don’t overspend, as once set, only refurbished Nokia smartphones between these two values will be displayed.
  • Consider whether you’re willing to accept some slight signs of wear and tear, or whether you want your new device to look and feel brand new. This will directly affect the price, with cheaper models showing more signs of use.
  • Then finally select a warranty period suitable for your needs – choosing between 12 and 24 months.

So there you have it, many reasons to take a good look at the selection of refurbished Nokia models for sale on Back Market’s site. Big savings await!