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Refurbished Galaxy J3

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Our very best Refurbished Galaxy J3:


Galaxy J3 16GB - Black - Unlocked

Works with:
-19% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Stallone
6 oz of e-waste saved

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Samsung Galaxy J3
The Samsung Galaxy J3 for 2017 has a low price, removable battery and up to 256GB of external storage.
Samsung has been one of the most loyal brands to the use of plastic, even on their high-end phones. It was not until the Samsung Galaxy S6 that they abandoned this material completely. However, the Galaxy J3 has plastic everywhere, perfect for the ones who loved the original models.
The Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 follows the traditional line of other Galaxy J and Ace Galaxies, placing buttons and connectors in the same places. In the front, we find the speakerphone for calls, the secondary camera and sensors of proximity and light in the high part.
The configuration of the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 in screen size and resolution common in its range, although the fact that it has a Super AMOLED panel can give many advantages. The specifications come handy when it comes to reproducing colors and since the chosen panel is noticeable in the brightness of the colors, correcting without saturating without faults. In addition, it is easy to play with saturation and sharpness through four display modes.
The Galaxy J3 is very faithful to the reproduction of colors and angles and it is the ideal phone for the classic design lovers. Very friendly to use, the Galaxy J3 brings the advantages and profits of the new generation but preserves easy access and design. The model is perfect for those who seek functionality above anything else.