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Galaxy Tab 2 (2012) 8GB - Black - (WiFi + Cellular)

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Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Stallone
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A while back many began to question Android's power in the tablet market. Samsung swiftly answered back with the release of the Samsung galaxy tab 2. The samsung galaxy tab 2 is the perfect tool to keep your productivity game both strong, simple and easy to take everywhere! Weighing just 12 ounces and with a brilliant 7-inch multitouch display for playing games, taking pictures and videos, multitasking or to simply stay entertained with your favorite movies and tv shows, the Galaxy Tab 2 runs on the Android 4.0 ("Ice Cream Sandwich") operating system and is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor designed to take what you thought was maximum efficiency to a different level. In each generation, Samsung introduces some design changes but always keeps plastic as the dominant material, which is precisely what gives it its resistant quality. The galaxy tab 2 10.1 is pleasant to the touch with a discrete design. The display is a seven inch LCD with a good level of brightness, ideal for indoor and outdoor situations. It comes with a 1024×600 pixel resolution with a LS LCD capacitive touchscreen that supports up to 16 million colors; a 3.5 mm audio jack, a microSD dedicated slot, and several sensors like the accelerometer, gyro, proximity and compass. If you are wondering about the samsung galaxy tab 2 price we can tell you that when buying refurbished, you get access to the same quality features but at a much lower cost! So if you are looking for a device for your everyday tasks while on the go, the Samsung galaxy tab 2 could be exactly that!