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Refurbished Small Appliances

Our very best Refurbished Small Appliances:


Espresso Machine Automatic Jura Impressa A9 P.E.P One-Touch

33% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Mint
468 oz of e-waste saved

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17 products
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A used coffee machine from Back Market

Why Used & Refurbished Appliances are Awesome

Is Back Market better than just buying used?…

468 ounces.

In buying a Refurbished Small Appliances, you're helping prevent 468 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 6685 Pringles. Yum-o.

Refurbished small electrical appliances

Get the best deals on refurbished small electric appliances from Back Market

Whether you want a new coffee machine, hot plate, fryer, fan or electric ice maker, Back Market has the refurbished small electric appliance for you. We pride ourselves on selling refurbished equipment at unbeatable prices, so everyone can get the product they need for the best price.

Buy a cheap small electrical appliance from Back Market

Samsung, Philips, Bosch, Rowenta, Whirlpool and Braun…we’ve got all the best small electrical appliance brands on Back Market. Take advantage of our discounts on refurbished fans from Dyson or Bionaire, sometimes as high as 25%. Or if you fancy a homemade sorbet, treat yourself to a refurbished Philips ice cream machine, sold at cost.

Refurbished small electrical appliances from Back Market are guaranteed to perform

Each product in our wide selection of certified pre-owned small electrical appliances is guaranteed for 12 months against future defects or in case of a breakdown. This is a real advantage when you want to buy a small electrical appliance for a great price without risk. We will repair or replace any device that does not meet your expectations at our own cost within the warranty period – that’s the Back Market guarantee.