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Refurbished Smart scales

Our very best refurbished Smart scales:

Bally BLS-7300-WHT Weighing scale

Bally BLS-7300-WHT Weighing scale

27% discount
Warranty: 12 months

Grade: Fair
15 oz of e-waste saved
They bought on Back Market
That's according to Marguerite D. Product in really good state and fully functional! It was delivered really quickly to my mailbox! 10/09/21

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2 products

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Verified customer reviews for Refurbished Smart scales


Average of 0 reviews from the past 6 months.

Rémi R. 10/29/21
Satisfied with the quality of the product and really good quality/price ratio.

Jim W. 06/23/21
This is my second purchase, the quality, and the delivery speed are outstanding.

George P. 05/18/21
Delivered ahead of time and just worked. Was categorized in fair condition and I would agree with the assessment. So far so good!

Margot L. 10/19/21
Product matches description and the team is great

Katherine M. 02/26/21
Great quality, really fast delivery, good customer service. I couldn't be happier with my purchase! Will definitely buy from Back Market again.