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Refurbished Sound Bars

Our very best Refurbished Sound Bars:


Wireless Bluetooth Home Theater KEF KHT1505GB - Black

83% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Good
19958 oz of e-waste saved

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There’s a refurbished soundbar for all budgets thanks to Back Market

After making the investment in an impressive HD screen, you’ll no doubt want to complete the at-home cinema experience with high-quality sound to match. Consider a certified pre-owned soundbar for a great deal.

Stress-free savings with a refurbished soundbar

Treat yourself to an exceptional audiovisual experience at home with a refurbished soundbar. Simply place the speaker(s) strategically around your existing TV screen to enjoy movie theater-quality sound. Not only will you get a great price when you buy a soundbar from Back Market, we thoroughly test all products sold in our catalog to make sure they are in perfect working order. And we’ll protect your purchase with a minimum 12-month guarantee – so you can buy a refurbished soundbar with total confidence. We’ve got cheap soundbars from all the big names in stock – including Philips, HP, Panasonic and Bang & Olufsen.

Find the refurbished soundbar to suit you

The price of a refurbished soundbar depends on many factors:

  • Power: to ensure the sound will fill the room you’re buying it for
  • Design: the soundbar should blend seamlessly with the design of your TV
  • Connectivity: soundbars can connect to your TV wirelessly via WiFi and Bluetooth, as well using cables
  • Configuration: each soundbar can be configured within certain parameters for a customized listening experience
  • With or without a sub: some models come with a sub for excellent bass sounds

Buy a refurbished sound bar to turn watching TV into a cinematic experience.