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Our very best Refurbished Tablet:

Apple iPad 4th Gen (Wi-Fi) Black 16GB
-79% discount
Warranty: 6 months
Grade: Stallone
-23 oz of electronic waste

Review: Refurbished Tablet

«I got my order promptly and exactly what I ordered. Thank y’all so much. My grandkids are ...»

Dena B. - 7/7


Refurbisher: Authorized Resellers

Refurbished Tablet

Refurbished Tablet

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Backers ratings on our Refurbished Tablet :

Muon L. - 19/03/19


I love back market

Rebecca D. - 14/03/19


yes, well it seems to take a bit to charge, maybe need a better or faster? charger.... though now i need a case i wish you would go ahead and offer these at the same time... it just makes sense. the two i bought before also need cases. you have to have a case. they should just be sold together. PEOPLE NEED CASES. these things are slippery as fish ....!!!!!!

Dameon C. - 11/03/19


Not happy. iPad Air 2 came broken. Stereo jack not functional. Seller is not responsive ie: closed during operating hours, not answering my questions and generally not helpful.

Ira P. - 07/03/19


Great condition. 95% like new. Works perfect. Have used for a week now and I have found no problems. I would buy from them again.

William C. - 07/03/19


Great looking unit, everything seems to be working perfectly. Excellent value

Randy H. - 05/03/19


Received my refurbished iPad2 today and it's everything I hoped for. Condition seems to be as described. The battery was pretty well charged and time will tell how well it performs. For $60, I'm pretty happy, even though Apple support for this model is planned to end soon. I have two little grand daughters who compete to see who gets the iPad2 we already had first. Now they each can have one; no more flipping a coin or trying to figure out whose turn it is this time and no more tears. I call that money well spent.

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Refurbished Tablet