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Refurbished 4K TV

Get a refurbished 4K TV to see life in exceptional detail!

To enjoy cinema-quality movie nights at home, you’re probably thinking to buy a 4K TV. But the price of these high-end devices can be pretty expensive when you look in the store. That’s where Back Market’s range of refurbished 4K TVs can help.

A cheap 4K TV is possible with Back Market

With detail-rich images, 4K offers unprecedented viewing quality. But if you’re worried you don’t have the budget, did you know you can buy a 4K TV for as little as $300? Reserved for larger TV sets, around 101cm diagonally, a refurbished 4K TV from Back Market is a great way to experience this technology in all its glory without spending a fortune. Compatible with LCD, LED, OLED and Edge LED screens, your refurbished 4K TV will transform movie nights at home.

Buy a refurbished 4K TV with total peace of mind

Do you want a cheap 4K TV that offers exceptional viewing quality? Don’t take the risk of buying a second-hand 4K TV and opt for a refurbished 4K TV from Back Market – which can still cost up to 50% than those you’ll find in the store. The difference is that every certified pre-owned 4K TV sold on our site has undergone a series of tests to ensure perfect working order. And you’ll also get a minimum 12-month warranty to protect against future defects.

Performance tests, a 12-month warranty and a wide range of devices to choose from: you’ll find the perfect refurbished 4K TV with Back Market.