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Why buying an unlocked Android phone is a good idea :D

We’re all Android fans here, right? There’s nothing better than getting an unlocked Android and customizing it to suit your taste. These phones offer great value because they’re already unlocked to work on just about any carrier. And since we have stringent quality requirements for our merchants, you can be sure your phone has been checked with care. And just to keep you worry-free, we offer a 1-year warranty :)

Considering buying an unlocked Android phone? Maybe you have more questions? Check out this article to find out how to activate your unlocked cell phone!

Why Back Market is the best place to get an unlocked Android phone for sale

Unlocked Android phones come in many different shapes and sizes—it’s one of the biggest perks of having an unlocked Android. Each manufacturer offers a slightly different twist, so you can find one that best fits your needs.

Also, in addition to our 1-year warranty, did I mention that Back Market provides a 30-day money back guarantee? Unlike other general e-commerce websites like Amazon, we've created a philosophy specifically catered for refurbished electronics. We maintain close communications with our suppliers and check their processes to ensure they are thoroughly checking every device they ship.

Find the best unlocked Android deals

Since all our unlocked Android phones are refurbished, it means they have the same quality as new devices, while being much cheaper. You'll be paying about the same price as for a used Android phone, but if you get one in mint condition, it will look just like a new one :)

Should I get a GSM unlocked Android phone?

If you use T-Mobile, AT&T, Cricket, or Metro, then a GSM Android is a great idea! A GSM Android phone will work on all of these networks!